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Description: Routine preventive maintenance of the DOE Coal Fired Flow Facility (CFFF) is being performed. Modernization programs, funded under subcontract from Foster Wheeler Development Corporation by the DOE HIPPS Program, have been completed on the coal processing system, the data acquisition and control system and the control room. Late in the quarter, all work was stopped on maintenance of the CFFF at DOE instruction. Environmental restoration actions continued with monitoring of groundwater wells and holding pond effluent. Progress is reported on the approved groundwater remediation plan. Actions are underway to dispose of spent seed/ash mixtures and excess coal remaining from the MHD POC program. The status of five (5) High Temperature Superconductor (HTS) projects is reported. A summary is included of the results attained with sol-gel experiments with buffer layers and YBCO. The status of the cost/performance study of electron beam and PLD deposition is pre-sented. A summary of work performed in diagnostics for real time control of HTS processes is presented.
Date: October 23, 1998
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

UTSI/CFFF MHD program completion and related activity

Description: Maintenance work on the DOE CFFF facility and other related government property remained in suspension in accordance with the stop work order issued by DOE. Environmental remediation and preservation of the facility continued. Final actions were completed to dispose of the soil that was contaminated by diesel oil. Actions are underway to dispose of other wastes. Progress is reported on the 5 high temperature superconductivity projects under Task 6. Results are reported for various techniques for annealing cold rolled nickel tapes and applying buffer layer by the Sol-Gel process. Included in the annealing/coating work is one case that involved oxidizing the nickel to nickel oxide which is textured before application of the buffer layer. Work under the Optimum Coated Conductor included issuing a topical report describing the work on grain boundary grooving in nickel substrates as a function of annealing temperature and time. Also, the work to evaluate the mutual effects of adjacent superconductors. In the cost/performance analysis project, completion of a study on the economics of production of coated conductors by the MOCVD process is reported. In the diagnostics for real time process control project, a topical report that outlines the requirements for control of promising manufacturing processes was submitted, additional work is reported on using absorption spectroscopy as the basis for control of the stoichiometry for the MOCVD process and the work on scatterometry for measuring uniformity of surfaces is summarized.
Date: July 30, 1999
Creator: Muehlhauser, Dr. Joel W. & Chapman, Dr. James N.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department