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Radial Temperature Profile of Sodium Pool Boiling Heater Assembly

Description: The radial temperature around a sodium reactor heater assembly submerged in water is calculated using a model of the heater cross section found by conformal mapping. Thermocouple readings were also analyzed. When the heat flux is 5 x 10/sup 5/ Btu/hr-ft/sup 2/, a radial temperature drop of about 680 deg C across the center of the thermocouple well is calculated and found to be within 6% of the experimental value. Since most of this drop is across the 0.001-in. helium gap between the heater and its sleeve, it is concluded that the thermocouple will have to be bonded to the sleeve for dependable reading of true sleeve temperature. Drawings of the heater assembly and thermocouple are given. (D. L. C.)
Date: February 22, 1960
Creator: Cappel, H. H.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department


Description: An analysis of the transient behavior of a 255-Mw(e) advanced sodium graphite reactor, previously described in NAA-SR-3829, is presented. The reactor and its components are briefly described. Nuclear and thermal characteristics are presented as far as they affect reactor kinetics or are essential in interpreting the results. The study includes an investigation of the inherent kinetic characteristics of the reactor, as well as and analysis of its transient behavior for all conceivable conditions of abnormal operations. Assumed reactor excursions are analyzed with and without ensuing protective system action. It is shown that the reactor is dynamically stable and that power transients which are followed by normal protective system actions will not lead to potentially unsafe conditions. The conclusion is reached furthermore, that uncontrolled rod withdrawal accidents from source power will be terminated by coolant choking'' and fuel meltdown before extensive coolant boiling occurs, and that the large thermal capacity and long-time constant of the upper plenum will provide protection against pool boiling for other less serious accidents until the reactor can be shut down by external means. (auth)
Date: December 1, 1961
Creator: Cappel, H.H.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department