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Effect of Cesium and Xenon Seeding in Negative Hydrogen Ion Sources

Description: It is well known that cesium seeding in volume hydrogen negative ion sources leads to a large reduction of the extracted electron current and in some cases to the enhancement of the negative ion current. The cooling of the electrons due to the addition of this heavy impurity was proposed as a possible cause of the mentioned observations. In order to verify this assumption, the authors seeded the hydrogen plasma with xenon, which has an atomic weight almost equal to that of cesium. The plasma properties were studied in the extraction region of the negative ion source Camembert III using a cylindrical electrostatic probe while the negative ion relative density was studied using laser photodetachment. It is shown that the xenon mixing does not enhance the negative ion density and leads to the increase of the electron density, while the cesium seeding reduces the electron density.
Date: September 6, 1999
Creator: Bacal, M.; Brunteau, A.M.; Deniset, C.; Elizarov, L.I.; Sube, F.; Tontegode, A.Y. et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department