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Errors in skin temperature measurements.

Description: Numerical simulation is used to investigate the accuracy of a direct-contact device for measuring skin-surface temperature. A variation of thermal conductivity of the foam has greater effect on the error rather than a variation of the blood perfusion rate. For a thermal conductivity of zero, an error of 1.5 oC in temperature was identified. For foam pad conductivities of 0.03 and 0.06 W/m-oC, the errors are 0.5 and 0.15 oC. For the transient study, with k=0 W/m-oC, it takes 4,900 seconds for the temperature to reach steady state compared with k=0.03 W/m-oC and k=0.06 W/m-oC where it takes 3,000 seconds. The configuration without the foam and in presence of an air gap between the skin surface and the sensor gives the most uniform temperature profile.
Date: December 2008
Creator: Dugay, Murielle
Partner: UNT Libraries

Simulation Study of Hybrid Ground Source Heat Pump System in the Hot-Humid Climate

Description: The beachfront hotel with hybrid geothermal heat pump system (HyGSHP), located in the hot-humid climate, is simulated by TRNSYS in the thesis, and the simulation results are validated by the measured data. The simulation of alternative HVAC systems, complete ground source heat pump and conventional air source heat pump, are included to conduct the comparative study with HyGSHP based on the energy consumption and life cycle analysis. The advantages and disadvantages of HyGSHP are discussed in the thesis. Two ground source heat exchanger parameters, U-tube size and grout materials, are investigated in order to study the effects on the ground heat exchanger thermal performance. The preliminary work and results are shown in the thesis.
Date: August 2011
Creator: Zhu, Jiang
Partner: UNT Libraries

Energy Usage While Maintaining Thermal Comfort : A Case Study of a UNT Dormitory

Description: Campus dormitories for the University of North Texas house over 5500 students per year; each one of them requires certain comfortable living conditions while they live there. There is an inherit amount of money required in order to achieve minimal comfort levels; the cost is mostly natural gas for water and room heating and electricity for cooling, lighting and peripherals. The US Department of Energy has developed several programs to aid in performing energy simulations to help those interested design more cost effective building designs. Energy-10 is such a program that allows users to conduct whole house evaluations by reviewing and altering a few parameters such as building materials, solar heating, energy efficient windows etc. The idea of this project was to recreate a campus dormitory and try to emulate existent energy consumption then try to find ways of lowering that usage while maintaining a high level of personal comfort.
Date: December 2011
Creator: Gambrell, Dusten
Partner: UNT Libraries

High-Precision Micropipette Thermal Sensor for Measurement of Thermal Conductivity of Carbon Nanotubes Thin Film

Description: The thesis describes novel glass micropipette thermal sensor fabricated in cost-effective manner and thermal conductivity measurement of carbon nanotubes (CNT) thin film using the developed sensor. Various micrometer-sized sensors, which range from 2 µm to 30 µm, were produced and tested. The capability of the sensor in measuring thermal fluctuation at micro level with an estimated resolution of ±0.002oC is demonstrated. The sensitivity of sensors was recorded from 3.34 to 8.86 µV/oC, which is independent of tip size and dependent on the coating of Nickel. The detailed experimental setup for thermal conductivity measurement of CNT film is discussed and 73.418 W/moC was determined as the thermal conductivity of the CNT film at room temperature.
Date: August 2011
Creator: Shrestha, Ramesh
Partner: UNT Libraries

Laminar Natural Convection From Isothermal Vertical Cylinders

Description: Laminar natural convection heat transfer from the vertical surface of a cylinder is a classical subject, which has been studied extensively. Furthermore, this subject has generated some recent interest in the literature. In the present investigation, numerical experiments were performed to determine average Nusselt numbers for isothermal vertical cylinders (103 < RaL < 109, 0.5 < L/D <10, and Pr = 0.7) with and without an adiabatic top in a quiescent ambient environment which will allow for plume growth. Results were compared with commonly used correlations and new average Nusselt number correlations are presented. Furthermore, the limit for which the heat transfer results for a vertical flat plate may be used as an approximation for the heat transfer from a vertical cylinder was investigated.
Date: August 2012
Creator: Day, Jerod
Partner: UNT Libraries

Analyze and Rebuild an Apparatus to Gauge Evaporative Cooling Effectiveness of Micro-Porous Barriers.

Description: The sample used for evaporative cooling system is Fabric defender 750 with Shelltite finish. From the experimental data and equations we have diffusion coefficient of 20.9 ± 3.71 x 10-6 m2/s for fabric with one layer with 17%-20% fluctuations from the theory, 27.8 ± 4.5 x 10-6 m2/s for fabric with two layers with 6%-14% fluctuations from the theory and 24.9 ± 4.1 x 10-6 m2/s for fabric with three layers with 13%-16% fluctuations from the theory. Since the thickness of the fabric increases so the mass transport rate decreases so the mass transport resistance should be increases. The intrinsic mass resistances of Fabri-1L, Fabri-2L and Fabri-3L are respectively 104 ± 10.2 s/m, 154 ± 23 s/m and 206 ± 26 s/m from the experiment.
Date: December 2008
Creator: Mohiti Asli, Ali
Partner: UNT Libraries

Quasi-Three Dimensional Experiments on Liquid-Solid Fluidized Bed of Three Different Particles in Two Different Distributors

Description: This thesis is an experimental study of the fluidization of binary mixture in particulate flows. A fluidized bed with two distributors was built with water being used as carrying fluid. Three types of solid particles of nylon, glass and aluminum of the same size and different densities are used in the experiments. The wall effect on a single particle fluidization, the fluidization of binary mixture of large density difference (nylon and aluminum of density ratio of 0.42), and the fluidization of binary mixture of close density (glass and aluminum with density ratio of 0.91) were investigated. Also, the effect of distributors on mono-disperse and bi-disperse particle fluidization was investigated. Results show that the presence of narrow walls reduces the minimum fluidization velocity for a single particle by as much as nearly 40%. Also, in the case of binary mixture of close density particles, uniform mixing was easily achieved and no segregation was observed, but in the case of large density difference particles, there exists significant segregation and separation. At high velocity, the uniform distributor behaves like a transport bed. To achieve a full bed in the single jet, it requires 1.5 times velocity of the uniform distributor. This behavior determines their application in the industries.
Date: December 2009
Creator: Obuseh, Chukwuyem Charles
Partner: UNT Libraries