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Study of borehole plugging in bedded salt domes by earth melting technology

Description: The intent of this program is to define the most viable Melted In situ Rock salt Plug (MIRP) System options, these options being addressed primarily from the downhole subsystem perspective, with a conventional drill rig as the basis for the surface part of the MIRP System. Preliminary experiments had indicated that it is possible to backfill the open penetrations in the domed salt deposits with a melted in situ rocksalt plug such that in time the melted rock salt plug effectively duplicates the parent virgin salt. The programmatic assumption for the requirement of duplicating the virgin salt with a MIRP provides the basis for this study. A system functional analysis was performed to establish the requirements for the performance of the overall MIRP System. A similar functional analysis was conducted for the salt plug that would be formed by the MIRP System. Based on the analyses of the material, thermal, and structural behavior of the salt plug, the requirements for the formation of an acceptable salt plug were determined. From the functional analysis a determination was made of the operation of the hardware for the downhole portion of the MIRP System. From that perspective several design concepts were formulated. For these design concepts a technology roadmap was developed. The pertinent aspects, results, conclusions and recommendations of the above are summarized in the sections that follow.
Date: June 1, 1975
Creator: Black, D. L.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Thermal and nuclear design review of the NRX-A5 Reactor

Description: A thermal and nuclear NRX-A5 Design Review was held at WANL on April 10, 1964. Analyses and planning performed to date on the NRX-A5 and subsequent reactors were presented. Systems analyses were performed on various "cooled periphery".and "hot periphery" seal configurations. A number of inner reflector designs were examined, as well as means for cooling the lateral support springs. Core component redesign incl,uded methods for controlling inter-element pressure distribution by undercutting or chamfering of fuel elements. Changes in tie rod diameters, use of as-extruded fuel elements, and performance analysis of the various systems were also described. Nuclear analysis was confined to parametric studies on excess reactivity and control drum span for inner reflector material combinations of graphite, aluminum, and/or beryllium. Changes required to more precisely define the NRX-A5 were discussed together with the effects associated with the twice power reactor capability envisioned for subsequent reactors.
Date: May 15, 1964
Creator: Black, D L; Minners, W; Stefanko, J S & Vijuk, R M
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department