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Geother evaluation and improvement: A progress report including test cases for two-dimensional BWIP (Basalt Waste Isolation Project) analysis

Description: The objective of the work is to evaluate the GEOTHER code and peform necessary improvements to make it specifically suitable for predicting the environmental conditions of the waste package for the Basalt Waste Isolation Project (BWIP); and to perform resaturation analyses, that is, the analyses of steam formation and condensation, for the repository and waste package using the improved GEOTHER code. This is a progress report to BWIP documenting the status of GEOTHER code testing, evaluation, and improvements. The computational results documented in this report reflect the current condition of the code and the condition before code improvements. The test cases used are intended for examining the code features in sufficient detail and are not intended to be taken as final conclusions for BWIP applications.
Date: March 1, 1988
Creator: Bian, S.H.; Budden, M.J.; Bartley, C.L. & Yung, S.C.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

PNL Technical Review of Pressurized Thermal Shock Issues Supplement 1: Technical Critique of the NRC Near-Term Screening Criteria

Description: Pacific Northwest Laboratory (PNL) provided a technical critique of the draft report, NRC Staff Evaluation of Pressurized Thermal Shock, dated September 13, 1982. This report provided the basis for the NRC near-term regulatory position on pressurized thermal shock {PTS) and recommended a generic screening criteria for welds in the vessel beltline region. The PNL staff concluded that the screening criteria were adequate to meet the intent of the NRC safety goal and to retain past predictions of vessel reliability. The conclusion was based on selecting the plant-specific nilductility transition reference temperature (RT{sub NDT}) in the conservative manner described within the staff report. Conservative and unconservative factors were mentioned throughout the NRC staff report. The PNL staff has listed these factors together with unknown (may be either conservative or unconservative) factors and estimated, where possible, the range in °F RT{sub NDT}. The unknown factors were so widespread that the PNL staff recommended that specific conservatisms not be reduced until the unknowns are further resolved.
Date: May 1, 1983
Creator: Pederson, L. T.; Apley, W. J.; Bian, S. H.; Pelto, P. J.; Simonen, E. P.; Simonen, F. A. et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

PNL technical review of pressurized thermal-shock issues. [PWR]

Description: Pacific Northwest Laboratory (PNL) was asked to develop and recommend a regulatory position that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) should adopt regarding the ability of reactor pressure vessels to withstand the effects of pressurized thermal shock (PTS). Licensees of eight pressurized water reactors provided NRC with estimates of remaining effective full power years before corrective actions would be required to prevent an unsafe operating condition. PNL reviewed these responses and the results of supporting research and concluded that none of the eight reactors would undergo vessel failure from a PTS event before several more years of operation. Operator actions, however, were often required to terminate a PTS event before it deteriorated to the point where failure could occur. Therefore, the near-term (less than one year) recommendation is to upgrade, on a site-specific basis, operational procedures, training, and control room instrumentation. Also, uniform criteria should be developed by NRC for use during future licensee analyses. Finally, it was recommended that NRC upgrade nondestructive inspection techniques used during vessel examinations and become more involved in the evaluation of annealing requirements.
Date: July 1, 1982
Creator: Pedersen, L.T.; Apley, W.J.; Bian, S.H.; Defferding, L.J.; Morgenstern, M.H.; Pelto, P.J. et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Guidelines for nuclear power plant safety issue prioritization information development. Supplement 4

Description: This is the fifth in a series of reports to document the use of a methodology developed by the Pacific Northwest Laboratory to calculate, for prioritization purposes, the risk, dose and cost impacts of implementing resolutions to reactor safety issues (NUREG/CR-2800, Andrews et al. 1983). This report contains results of issue-specific analyses for 23 issues. Each issue was considered within the constraints of available information as of winter 1986, and two staff-weeks of labor. The results are referenced, as one consideration in setting priorities for reactor safety issues, in NUREG-0933, ''A Prioritization of Generic Safety Issues.''
Date: July 1, 1986
Creator: Tabatabai, A.S.; Fecht, B.A.; Powers, T.B.; Bickford, W.E.; Andrews, W.B.; Gallucci, R.H.V. et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department