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Description: Spert IV is a large pool-type experimental facility for reactor kinetic studies. These studies will include power excursion and instability tests for a variety of reactor designs. Since the Spert IV experimental program requires the performance of tests which will approach, and may exceed the threshold of reactor destruction, the probability of occurrence of the maximum possible accident is not negligible compared with that of other possible accidents. The maximum possible accident for this facility is considered to be a severe nuclear excursion which results in the destruction of the reactor building and the release of 100% of the accumulated fission product inventory of the atmosphere in a steam cloud. The fission product source assumed in the analysis of this accident is an upper limit in view of the nature of the tests to be performed and the heat removal capacity of the system. This postulated accident is independent of the details of core and control system design and is valid for all cores anticipated for use in the experimental program. The major hazards present in the operation of this facility, the precautions to be taken to reduce the probability of an accident, and the consequences of the maximum possible accident are discussed. It is concluded that the proposed method of operation will minimize the hazard to operating personnel, and that the site location will make possible the operation of the Spent IV facility without hazard to the general public. (auth)
Date: July 1, 1961
Creator: Bentzen, F. L. & Crocker, J. G.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department


Description: Presented at the 1958 Winter Meeting of the American Nuclear Society, December 9, 1958. Experimental and theoretical work on the selflimiting response of reactors to step and ramp insertions of reactivity is discussed along with the general characteristics of self-limiting power bursts. The static characteristics of the cores investigated are presented and the techniques of measurement are discussed. Data from step and ramp tests are presented and compared with the predictions of a theoretical formulation of reactor self- shutdown in terms of energy release. The discussion includes an evaluation of some postulated shutdown mechanisms in the light of experimental results. Some results of detailed calculations of shutdown effects due to specific mechanisms which are believed to contribute significantly to reactor self-shutdown are presented. (auth)
Date: July 23, 1959
Creator: Forbes, S. G.; Bentzen, F. L.; French, P.; Grund, J. E.; Haire, J. C.; Nyer, W. E. et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department