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Description: Fleogan is a work for a flute choir consisting of four piccolos, six C flutes, six alto flutes, and four bass flutes. The formal structure of Fleogan consists of three levels of arch form. First is the arch structure of the work in its entirety; next is the arch form within a movement, and on the smallest scale is the form within a tempo-section.
Date: December 1979
Creator: Baczewski, Philip
Partner: UNT Libraries

Benchmarks Online

Description: Website for the official newsletter of the University of North Texas University Information Technology department. It contains various news stories related to technology and to campus programs, with an archive of previous Benchmarks newsletters.
Date: June 2016
Creator: University of North Texas. University Information Technology.
Partner: University of North Texas
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Vox Organalis

Description: Vox Organalis is a concerto for organ and orchestra. It employs an ensemble comprising the compliment of wind, percussion, and string instruments normally available within a contemporary symphony orchestra with augmented brass and woodwind sections. It is intended to be performed with a large organ such as might be found in a symphony hall or large church. The work is in two movements, and its intended performance time is twenty-five minutes. Use of the concerto format within Vox organalis results in a new approach to organizing the interaction between the solo part and the orchestral accompaniment. The organ part is notated in traditional metered notation, but the orchestral notation is organized in units of clock time (seconds). The horizontal spatial arrangement of the orchestral notation corresponds to the timing of the metered organ part. Pitch organization in Vox Oraanalis is derived from a twelve-tone row based upon the natural harmonic series. Several techniques of serial composition were used to organize and select elements of the tone row for use in the construction of the work. Use of the tone row for horizontal and vertical pitch structures provides unity to the pitch organization of the work. Vox Organalis is constructed in 12 sections which help define the formal shape of the work. Four of these sections comprise Movement I, and eight are contained by Movement II. The length of the formal sections are based upon the series of natural harmonic numbers from which the tone row was derived.
Date: December 1989
Creator: Baczewski, Philip
Partner: UNT Libraries
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