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Two phase pressure drop across abrupt area changes in oscillatory flow

Description: The ability of one-dimensional momentum balances to predict behavior during two-phase oscillatory flow has been examined. Flow oscillations in a Freon-Freon vapor system were induced by cycling a three-way valve so as to divert a varying portion of the total flow from the test section. The data taken included the phase shift between pressure and flow curves and the head fluctuation to flow fluctuation ratio. These data were compared to theoretical predictions. For void fractions below about 0.55, reasonable agreement between predictions and observations was obtained. At the highest void fractions examined, agreement between prediction and measurement was poor. However, at these high void fractions measurement errors may have been very substantial. Further, the simplifying assumptions required by the numerical calculation procedure chosen could no longer be considered valid. No real conclusion could therefore be drawn from the data at high voids. (auth)
Date: May 1, 1975
Creator: Weisman, J.; Ake, T. & Knott, R.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Atmospheric fluidized bed combustion advanced system concepts applicable to small industrial and commercial markets. Topical report, Level 2

Description: As part of an overall strategy to promote FBC coal combustion and to improve the marketability of the eastern coals, the US Department of Energy`s Morgantown Energy Research Center awarded a three level contract to Riley Stoker Corporation to develop advanced Multi Solids Fluidized Bed (MSFB) boiler designs. The first level of this contract targeted the small package boiler (10,000--50,000 lb/hr steam) and industrial size boiler (75,000--150,000 lb/hr steam) markets. Two representative sizes, 30,000 lb/hr and 110,000 lb/hr of steam, were selected for the two categories for a detailed technical and economic evaluation. Technically, both the designs showed promise, however, the advanced industrial design was favored on economic considerations. It was thus selected for further study in the second level of the contract. Results of this Level-2 effort, presented in this report, consisted of testing the design concept in Riley`s 4.4 MBtu/hr pilot MSFB facility located at Riley Research Center in Worcester, Mass. The design and economics of the proof of concept facility developed in Level-1 of the contract were then revised in accordance with the findings of the pilot test program. A host site for commercial demonstration in Level-3 of the contract was also secured. It was determined that co-firing coal in combination with paper de-inking sludge will broaden the applicability of the design beyond conventional markets. International Paper (IP), the largest paper company in the world, is willing to participate in this part of the program. IP has offered its Hammermill operation at Lockhaven, Pa, site of a future paper de-inking plant, for the proof of concept installation. This plant will go in operation in 1994. It is recommended that METC proceed to the commercial demonstration of the design developed. The approach necessary to satisfy the needs of the customer while meeting the objectives of this program is ...
Date: September 1, 1992
Creator: Ake, T. R.; Dixit, V. B. & Mongeon, R. K.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department