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Advanced, Soluble Hydroliquefaction and Hydrotreating Catalysts Annual Report: 1990-1991

Description: The purpose of the present program is to develop soluble analogs of surface confined catalysts that can be impregnated directly into the coal structure at low temperatures. This approach should avoid problems related to surface area dependence, a two phase (surface-liquid) reaction system and, mass transport limitations. Heteropolyanions (HPAs) offer the opportunity to develop soluble forms of surface confined catalysts. HPAs are multi-functional catalysts that could be used to promote both hydroliquefaction and hydrotreating. In theory, these functions could be employed sequentially or simultaneously and could permit exceptional control of liquefaction reactions and reaction conditions. Thus, the current research program involves efforts to evaluate HPAs as soluble liquefaction nd hydrotreating catalysts, with the goal of developing soluble analogs of surface confined catalysts.
Date: September 9, 1991
Creator: Laine, Richard M & Stoebe, Thomas
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department