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Positive muons in condensed media

Description: From intermediate energy physics meeting; Zuoz, Switzerland (13 Apr 1973). An account is given of three lectures given at The Topical Meeting on Intermediate Energy Physics, Apr11 1973, at Zuoz, Switzerland, in which a broad picture was presented of positive muons used as probes in condensed matter physics and chemistry, The relevant properties of mu /sup +/ are given, the preparation of the polarized mu /sup +/ beam is described, and there is a discussion of the experimental set-ups. The formation of muonium during the slowing down of mu /sup +/ in matter is treated, and some related early measurements discussed. The quasi-free mu /sup +/ precession and ihe possible depolarization affecting it in solid and liquid media are examined. Muonium, its quasi-iree evolution, and its chemical reactions are covered, with emphasis on solid insulator and semiconductor environments. Finally, the use of mu /sup +/ as a probe in matter is compared with other more conventional methods. (auth)
Date: April 1, 1973
Creator: Schenck, A. & Crowe, K.M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Physics research with high-energy heavy ions

Description: From Adriatic meeting on particle physics; Rovinj, Yugoslavia (23 Sep 1973)Lectures are given on heavy ion reactions at several GeV to relativistic energies. Experiments with heavy ions, types of theoretical approaches to high energy heavy ion interactions, experimental results, and other physics experiments and their potential significance are covered. (J FP)
Date: September 1, 1973
Creator: Steiner, H.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Introduction to hadronic interactions at high energies

Description: Lectures are given on total cross sections, elastic scattering and two- body processes, (in which crossing symmetry, signature, power law behavior and phase, Pomeranchuk theorems, Froissart bound, ratlo of real to imaginary part of the forward scattering amplitude, partial wave distrlbution for proton-proton scattering, MacDowell-- Martin bound on B(s), and asymptotics and J-plane structure are covered) and inclusive processes (in which a theoretical framework assuming a finite correlation length: the Feynman-- Wilson gas, relation of the Feynman--Wilson gas to a Regge description, and approach to scaling, and a two- component description are covered). (JFP)
Date: September 1, 1973
Creator: Jackson, J.D.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Muon depolarization in matter

Description: The lecture covers muons as a probe, medium effects, experimental techniques, depolarization--- fast and slow, and applications in chemistry, biology, and solids. (JFP)
Date: October 1, 1973
Creator: Crowe, K.M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department