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Energy Spectra of Fragments from Silver and Uranium Bombarded with5.0 GeV Protons

Description: In this third paper in a series in which the characteristics of nuclear fragments produced in the interaction of 5 GeV protons with Ag and U targets were studied by means of dE/dx-E measurements with semiconductor detector telescopes new information was obtained on the energy spectra of light fragments. One set of measurements on fragments from a Ag target involved the use of a two-element telescope incorporating a {Delta}E detector as thin as 16 {micro}m. A new algorithm for processing the {Delta}E and E data to extract particle identification was developed and the resulting particle spectra showed superior resolution for the elements from Li(Z = 3) to S (Z = 16). Segments of the energy spectra of each of these elements were measured at 20{sup o} and, for many of them, also at 45{sup o}, 90{sup o}, 135{sup o} and 160{sup o} to the beam direction. By use of 3-element telescopes and absorbers the high energy part of the energy spectrum for isotopes of He, Li, Be, B, and C ejected from Ag and U targets was measured at 20{sup o}. The measurements extended beyond 300 MeV for {sup 6}Li and {sup 7}Li and to 400 MeV for {sup 7}Be. A distinct high-energy component was found in these cases. The suitability of nuclear evaporation as a description of the emission of the low-energy fragments was tested with two simple theoretical models, one specifying isotropic fragment emission from a moving nucleus at a fixed nuclear temperature and one specifying isotropic fragment emission from a set of moving nuclei with a Maxwellian distribution of excitation energies and forward momenta. The second could describe rather well all the 90{sup o} data, provided a Coulomb barrier 0.4 that of the classical tangent spheres barrier was used. However, the measured intensity in the forward direction ...
Date: August 1, 1972
Creator: Korteling, Ralph G.; Toren, C.R. & Hyde, Earl K.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department