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Electrical Design of Electrostatic Deflectors for Sector-FocusedCyclotrons

Description: The new sector-focused cyclotrons have more energetic and better focused beams at the extraction radius than do ordinary cyclotrons. While the first characteristic requires a more intense electric field, the second permits this field to extend over a smaller volume. By tailoring the electrode geometry to these characteristics of the beam, the required deflector gap and electrode surface become smaller, and a higher gradient can be held without sparking. A different compromise between radioactivity, power dissipation, and resistance to spark damage must be made in selecting electrode materials. Carefully designed electrostatic deflectors perform very well in sector-focused cyclotrons of intermediate energy. Deflector efficiencies of about 50% and external-beam intensities of 20 {micro}A have been obtained in the Lawrence Laboratory's 88 -Inch Cyclotron.
Date: March 25, 1963
Creator: Smith, Bob H. & Grunder, Hermann A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department