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Description: In research on plastics, flow curve data were obtained on asbestos- filled diallyl phthalate formulations. The tensile properties of adhesive formulations after 26 weeks cure time are being tested. In development of radioelements, progress is reported in investigations of kinetics invoived in Po(IV) reduction by ferrous iron and selective adsorption of trace elements. Development of separating and purifying processes is reported for Xe, H/sub 2/, and C. Work on the Ranger x-ray sensor was devoted to fiim casting techniques and Be metallography and deposition. Developmental work in Pu-bearing fuels is reported on techniques for differential thermai analysis, interfacial tension studies on liquids, cerium viscosity, Pu phase studies, and Pu-bearing glass. Developmental work in support of SNAP was devoted to welding, capsule design, source metallography, and recovery of U . Calorimetric measurements related to Ra/sup 223/ half life are reported. Development of a program for reduction of spectrometric data is also reported. (J.R.D.)
Date: March 30, 1962
Creator: Eichelberger, J.F.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

A High-Speed Readout for Multi-Channel Pulse-Height Analyzers

Description: From American Nuclear Society Meeting, New York, Nov. 1963. In computer-coupled automated activation analysis such as in the Mark II system, conventional methods of data readout impose a serious restriction on the minimum handling time per sample. A data coupler for operating between the data accumulation system and the computer tape unit was developed which contributes nothing to the handling time per sample, does not distort the data, and prepares the data for direct computer entry. In addition to activation analysis, the coupler may be used to obtain successive spectra separated in time by 0.16 sec in the study of short-lived isotopes. (D.L.C.)
Date: January 1, 1962
Creator: Wilkins, W. W.; Fite, L. E. & Wainerdi, R. E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department


Description: The half life of cesium-137 was determined to be 29.2 plus or minus 0.3 years by an all mass spectrometric method. The abundance of the 662 Kev gamma- ray in the decay scheme was found to be 0.82 plus or minus 0.03 per beta disintegration. In the course of the work, the isotopic distribution of natural barium was determined with improved accuracy to be (72.11 plus or minus 0.06)% 138, (11.18 plus or minus 0.05)% 137, (7.77 plus or minus 0.02)% 136, (6.42 plus or minus 0.03)% 135, (2.33 plus or minus 0.02)% 134, (0.091 plus or minus 0.003)% 132, and (0.098 plus or minus 0.002)% 130. (auth)
Date: June 1, 1962
Creator: Rider, B.F.; Peterson, J.P. Jr. & Ruiz, C.P.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department


Description: A study was made of the preparation of alpha, gamma, and neutron sources using the long-lived radioisotope of americium, Am/sup 241/. Americium-241 is an artificiallyproduced radioelement which has a half-life of 462 plus or minus 10 years and decays to Np/sup 237/ by alpha emission followed by low-energy gamma emission. The high specific activity of americium-241 (7.0 x 10/sup 9/ d/m/mg) combined with its reasonably long half-life makes it ideally sulted for the preparation of radioactive sources. The chemical and physical properties of Am/ sup 241/ and the physical manipulations involved in fabricating alpha, gamma, and neutron sources are generally described in this report. Uses for each type of source are discussed and data are presented to indicate the respective properties and usefulness of each source type. (auth)
Date: September 1, 1962
Creator: Strain, J.E. & Leddicotte, G.W.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department