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Presentation to the Atomic Energy Commission and the Air Force, June 14, 1962

Description: This volume contains the charts and backup material presented to the Atomic Energy Commission and Air Force on June 14, 1962 concerning General Electric's Nuclear Materials and Propulsion Operation (formerly the Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Department), during its work on the development of a nuclear power plant for manned aircraft.
Date: October 1, 1962
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Equilibrium panel surface temperatures in the SNAP-2 instrument compartment

Description: By equating net radiation to space to I/sup 2/R heating in the SNAP-2 instrument compartments, and neglecting internal radiation between compartments, the panel surface equilibrium temperatures were computed for hot and cold temperature extremes. These extremes are defined by: (1) cold - pre-start phase in the shade, (2) hot - full power phase facing the sun. The results of the heat balances for hottest and coldest cases are presented graphically. These figures relate the equilibrium surface temperatures to the I/sup 2/R heat load dissipated by the panel surface for hot and cold orbits before and after startup. Included as parameters are effective panel area (dependent on Agena-interface design details) and the ..cap alpha../epsilon ratio for the surface coating. If ..cap alpha../epsilon = .3/.9 and A = 1 ft/sup 2/, the extremes of temperatures suffered are from -191/sup 0/F to +212/sup 0/F. This study shows that the normal R/C surface coating (..cap alpha../epsilon = .3/.9) is acceptable regarding allowable maximum surface temperatures, if the effective panel area is not less than 1 ft/sup 2/. It also indicates that further work is warranted regarding internal radiative distribution of heat in order to limit the lowest temperatures to -65/sup 0/F.
Date: September 14, 1962
Creator: Gresho, P.M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department