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Bevatron Operation and Development. V

Description: A considerable number of major improvements have been made in experimental facilities this quarter. These include four targets, three air locks, a deep well, and several thin windows for beam extraction in the target area. Simultaneous operation of up to five experiments has been achieved with a relay-controlled automatic operations selector. A beam-amplitude regulating device has been used to set the beam level on any pulse to within a few percent. The range of this equipment is 1000:1. Experimentation on the accelerator this quarter included measurements of start frequency and frequency-tracking jitter, beam-versus-radial-aperture measurements, empirical study of gas scattering effects, and preliminary testing of an automatic beam-controlled frequency-tracking system. High-energy physics experiments have been performed by ten groups within this laboratory. These groups are using counter techniques for the elastic proton-proton scattering, K-particle half-life determination, and {pi}{sup -}-meson cross-section measurements. A high-pressure hydrogen diffusion chamber is being used to study multiple production of {pi}{sup -} mesons. A strong-focusing pair spectrometer has been used to produce beams of K particles. Emulsion exposures have been made to determine the masses and mean lifetimes of K mesons. The interactions and modes of decay of K{sup {+-}} mesons at rest, as well as in flight, have been studied in emulsions.
Date: August 24, 1955
Creator: Lofgren, Edward J. & Heard, Harry G.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department