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Description: Isotopes of americium and curium with mass numbers less than 242 have been produced by cyclotron bombardment techniques, and several of their nuclear properties have been investigated. The partial alpha half-lives of Am{sup 239}, Cm{sup 241}, and Cm{sup 240} and the partial half-life for spontaneous fission of Cm{sup 240} were measured. The alpha decay daughter of Cm{sup 238} was found and evidence for the discovery of Am{sup 237} (an {approx}1 hour electron capture activity) and Cm{sup 239} (an {approx}10 hour electron capture activity) has been presented. An Appendix indicating the conditions for separation of the plus three actinides by selective elution from ion exchange resin with citric acid has been included.
Date: June 1, 1952
Creator: Higgins, Gary Hoyt.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Radiation of Pu²⁴³

Description: "The radiations of Pu²⁴³ were studied with beta and gamma scintillation spectrometers alone and in coincidence. An incomplete disintegration scheme is deduced which leads to a total beta disintegration energy of 560 kev. A half-life of 4.98 ± 0.02 hours was observed."
Date: October 1952
Creator: Engelkemeir, D. W.; Fields, Paul R. & Huizenga, John R.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department