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Thermodynamic Diagrams for Sodium

Description: From abstract: This paper presents temperature-entropy and Mollier charts for sodium, and describes briefly the method used for their construction, based upon data from the literature.
Date: July 13, 1950
Creator: Inatomi, T. H. & Parrish, W. C.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

A Conceptual Design of a Thorium-Uranium (233) Power Breeder Reactor

Description: From abstract: A conceptual design study has been performed for a sodium cooled, graphite moderated, thermal power-breeder reactor utilizing the Thorium-Uranium 233 breeding cycle. Several aspects of the design of the system are considered but no attempt has been made to supply all the details. It appears that the design presented is feasible and will allow the production of economic power as well as full utilization of thorium resources.
Date: February 1, 1954
Creator: Henrie, J. O. & Weisner, E. F.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

SRE Instrumentation and Control

Description: Introduction: This memo gives a general description of the components and equipment affecting the control of the SRE, and the equipment associated with all reactor services.
Date: May 21, 1956
Creator: Hall, R. J.
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OMR Control-Safety Rod Component Development Tests

Description: Abstract: A magnetic-jack control-safety rod is under development for the 45.5 thermal megawatt Organic Moderated Reactor. The rod is "unitized," i.e., the poison element, drive, position indicator, and shock absorber are contained in a compact assembly which is inserted in a regular fuel channel opening in the core. Tests to develop components capable of operating under these conditions are described and results are reported.
Date: September 15, 1959
Creator: Howell, J. D.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Organic Moderated Reactor Experiment : Safeguards Summary

Description: Abstract: This report presents a description of the Organic Moderated Reactor Experiment (OMRE), of the hazards associated with this experiment, and all of the safeguards taken to ensure the safety of the operating personnel and the population of the surrounding area.
Date: February 1, 1958
Creator: Sletten, H. L. & Blue, L. R.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Hot-Pressure Bonding of OMR Fuel Plates

Description: Abstract: An alluminum-clad low-enrichment, uranium-alloy fuel element of flat plate configuration has been proposed for the Organic Moderated Reactor (OMR).
Date: November 15, 1959
Creator: Alm, G. V.; Binstock, M. H. & Garrett, E. E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department