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Linear Amplifiers

Description: Problems in the design of linear amplifiers are presented from the point of view of the radio engineer.
Date: September 7, 1949
Creator: Schultz, M. A.
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Nuclear Superheat Project Fabrication, Irradiation and Evaluation of Superheat Fuel Element SH-1 and SH-2

Description: The fabrication, irradiation and evaluation of the first two superheat fuel assemblies is described in detail. Experimental data indicate that, in general, the nuclear superheat fuel elements have performed satisfactorily under the testing conditions used. Certain problem areas which will influence future fuel element designs have been defined.
Date: April 7, 1960
Creator: Lees, E. A.; Boyle, R. F. & Spalaris, C. N.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Geology of Lukachukai Mountains Area, Apache County, Arizona

Description: From introduction: The purpose of this paper is to present the geologic facts which have been discovered thus far about the Lukachukai area and to draw conclusions about uranium mineralization. Basic data of general nature are included to facilitate the work of future geologists in this area who may find the information applicable to new ideas.
Date: May 7, 1952
Creator: Masters, John A.
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Final Report: Airborne Reconnaissance Project Dripping Spring, Quartzite, Gila County, Arizona

Description: Abstract: A low-level airborne radiometric survey of the younger pre-Cambrian Dripping Spring quartzite, undertaken in the mountainous region lying roughly 100 riles east of Phoenix, was completed June 3, 1955. Twenty-seven radioactive anomalies were located. To date seven of these have produced uranium ore, four more will probably become producers, and six others may possibly become producers. Flying was concentrated in the Dripping Spring quartzite, but reconnaissance flights were made over other formations. Private prospecting, both from the air and on the ground, increased considerably when the airborne project started. Eleven of the private discoveries have produced ore, and many others show considerable promise.
Date: September 7, 1955
Creator: Schwartz, Roland J. & Magleby, Dan N.
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20,000 KW Nuclear Power Plant Study for United States Atomic Energy Commission

Description: Introduction: In September of 156, Gilbert Associates, Inc., entered into a contract with the United States of America, acting through the United States Atomic Energy Commission, for the study and preliminary design of a nuclear power plant being considered for integration into a central station power system at an overseas site.
Date: July 7, 1957
Creator: Gilbert Associates, Inc.
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Survey of Refractory Uranium Compounds

Description: Abstract: Chemical and physical data on twenty binary uranium compounds that may prove suitable for refractory nuclear fuels were assembled. The compounds were those with aluminum, boron, carbon, iron, nickel, nitrogen, silicon, or sulfur. Too little is known at this time about the compounds to evaluate any of them for fuel. The program is being extended in an effort to provide the needed data.
Date: August 7, 1956
Creator: Loch, Luther D.; Engle, Glen B.; Snyder, M. Jack & Duckworth, Winston Howard
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Werner-Type Uranium Complexes

Description: The following report analyzes the characteristics of eight chelated uranium complexes and seven uranium ammines, prepared from the reaction of organic solutions of uranium salts with complexing agents and organic bases.
Date: May 7, 1951
Creator: Barr, John T. & Horton, Charles A.
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The Heat of Formation of Thorium Sesquisulfide

Description: Abstract: "The heat of solution of thorium sesquisulfide was determined in 6.000 molar HCl at 25 C to ascertain the stability of the thorium (III) halides. The molal heat of formation of Th2S3 from rhombic sulfur and crystalline thorium is calculated as 258.6 kcal."
Date: April 7, 1953
Creator: Eyring, LeRoy & Westrum, Edgar F., Jr.
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Literature Survey for the Fluorine Generation Program

Description: The following report discusses the production of three types of fluorine cells for the Manhattan Project's fluorine generation program: the high temperature fluorine cell operating at a temperature of 240 C., the low temperature cell operating at a temperature of 30 C., and the medium temperature cell operating at a temperature of 100 C.
Date: December 7, 1951
Creator: Katz, Sidney
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Scale-Up of Alternate HRT Core

Description: "In order to determine the factors involved in the scale-up of cores with concentric inlet and outlet pipes, a 48 inch carbon steel flow model, geometrically similar to a 6 foot diameter core, has been assembled and tested...Visual studies were made of dye and gas behavior in the sphere, and quantitative measurements of point residence times were obtained through the use of conductivity cells actuating a Brush recorder. Static pressure drop across the core was measured."
Date: May 7, 1954
Creator: Lesem, L. B. & Harley, P. H.
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Construction, operation and use of KAPL uranium fluorimeters

Description: From introduction: "Two fluorimeters have been constructed for the determination of small amounts of uranium. There fluorimeters have been constructed after the basic plans for the Model V fluorimeter developed at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry and described in the Journal of Biological Chemistry for March 1948.
Date: October 7, 1948
Creator: Rider, B. F.
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Effect of Radiation on Television Equipment : Final Report

Description: The following report follows a test with the purpose of determining the effect upon image fidelity by exposing a television camera to high intensity radiation over an extended period. Provided later in the report are notes on the design of the utiliscope camera used for these tests due to notable design features.
Date: February 7, 1950
Creator: White, H. J.
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Multigroup Analysis on the IBM 604

Description: This is a preliminary report on a multigroup's analysis on the IBM 604, a programmable Electronic Calculating Punch, as part of the course work W31-Eng. 52.
Date: April 7, 1953
Creator: Stark, R. H.; Hibbert, C. & Ryan, D. Z.
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Flash Cooling of Primary Cooling Water

Description: This report follows a study that was undertaken to evaluate the practicality if removing the heat from the reactor cooling water by means of a "flash cooler" and to compare its economics with that of the conventional heat exchange system.
Date: January 7, 1952
Creator: Byrnes, J. J. & Diehl, K.
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