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A Flora of Pottsville Age from the Mosquito Range, Colorado

Description: From introduction: This paper describes a small fossil flora from the vicinity of Leadville, central Colorado. The beds from which the flora was collected have long been referred to as the "Weber formation ", though with considerable doubt on the part of many geologists that all the beds so named in Colorado are correlative with the Weber quartzite of northeastern Utah. In current usage these Colorado beds are designated the " Weber (?) formation."
Date: 1934
Creator: Read, Charles B.
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Geomorphology of the North Flank of the Uinta Mountains

Description: From introduction: The geologic record of the Tertiary period in the Green River Basin of southwestern Wyoming consists, in a broad way, of two quite different parts. The history of the first part, lasting through the Eocene epoch and perhaps on into the early Oligocene, was recorded in a thick series of sedimentary rocks of fluviatile and lacustrine origin. The history of the second part was recorded chiefly by successive stages of stream planation and stream trenching, but also in part by fluviatile sedimentation and, in certain localities, by glacial deposits. The first part of the record is virtually continuous, though its interpretation is by no means simple and obvious. The second part of the record is distinctly fragmentary, and the evidence the fragments provide is difficult to evaluate and to integrate.
Date: 1936
Creator: Bradley, Wilmot H.
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Paleozoic Formations of the Mosquito Range, Colorado

Description: From introduction: From the time of the publication of the Leadville monograph 2 by the United States Geological Survey, in 1886, the general geology and stratigraphy of the Mosquito Range around the Leadville and Alma districts have been known. In the recent resurvey of the area, however, it has been found necessary to undertake much more detailed studies of most of the formations. In particular, the sediments of Pennsylvanian age and the overlying red beds have received considerable attention and thought. This study was necessary to determine the amount of displacement along some of the notable faults and the depth to older strata that had contained valuable ore deposits in the larger mining districts. In some places the outcrops appear to have been improperly correlated in the older reports. These were given additional study, and considerable revision of stratigraphic sections has been necessary.
Date: 1934
Creator: Johnson, J. Harlan
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Yampa Canyon in the Uinta Mountains Colorado

Description: From purpose of the report: A detailed office study of modern topographic and geologic maps and aerial photographs of Yampa Canyon and its environs in the Uinta Mountains.
Date: 1962
Creator: Sears, Julian D.
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