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Decay Schemes and Nuclear Spectroscopic States in the Heavy-Element Region (Thesis)

Description: From introduction: "A study of the decay schemes of a considerable number of nuclei in the heavy-element region has been undertaken in the hope that a more detailed knowledge of the energy levels involved will lead to a better understanding of their nature and therefore of the nucleus itself."
Date: June 1955
Creator: Stephens, Frank Samuel, Jr.
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Summary of UCRL Pyrotron (Mirror Machine) Program

Description: "This report presents some of the theory of operation of the Mirror Machine, and summarizes the experimental work which has been carried out...The modus operandi of the Mirror Machine is to create, heat and control a high temperature plasma by means of externally generating magnetic fields."
Date: June 27, 1958
Creator: Post, Richard F.
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Microwave Diagnostic Systems and Techniques for Use in Controlled Fusion Research

Description: Abstract: "Microwaves have been used for several years at Lawrence Radiation Laboratory to study conditions in the magnetically contained plasmas of controlled fusion research. There are two basic microwave techniques. One gives information on electron density and distribution in the plasma, the other provides data on electron temperature. This paper briefly summarizes the established techniques, discusses engineering requirements and limitations, and describes some further applications of microwaves presently being considered."
Date: June 1960
Creator: Bunn, Harlin L.
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Electronics Counting Rooms for Nuclear Research

Description: Abstract: "This report describes six electronics areas at the Radiation Laboratory (Berkeley and Livermore) that are being successfully used with various particle acceleration for nuclear research. The electronics equipment, consisting of pulse amplifiers, scalers, coincidence circuits, pulse-height analyzers, automatic recording equipment, high-voltage supplies, etc., is arranged in such a manner that most experiments can be quickly set up, and a number of people can run experiments simultaneously. Advantage and limitations of these areas are discussed."
Date: June 14, 1956
Creator: Stripeika, Alexander J.
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Gamma Rays from the Interaction of 14-Mev Neutrons with Beryllium

Description: Abstract: "The cross section for the Be-9(n, t')Li-7*-->Li-7 + Y(0.477 Mev) reaction has been measured in the vicinity of 14 Mev by detecting the gamma-rays at scattering angles from 30 to 150 degrees. A time-of-flight technique was used to distinguish the gamma-rays from the high neutron background. The cross section drops from 20 mb at 13.6 Mev to 10 mb at 14.1 Mev and then rises to 30 mb at 14.7 Mev."
Date: June 9, 1959
Creator: Benveniste, J.; Mitchell, A. C.; Schrader, C. D. & Zenger, J. H.
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The Rf System of the Bevatron

Description: Report discussing details of the design for the Bevatron at the University of California Radiation Laboratory. The Bevatron is a "6-billion-electron-volt (Bev) proton synchotron. This device will receive a 10-million-electron-volt (Mev) proton beam from a linear accelerator, and further accelerate a reasonable percentage of these protons, at a nominally constant radius of 600 inches, to a final energy greater than 6 Bev."
Date: June 4, 1954
Creator: Winningstad, C. Norman
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Gravitational-Electromagnetic Torus Models of the Elementary Particles

Description: Abstract: "A torus model of the elementary particles is suggested in which the electron and proton are made stable by gravitational forces derived from the electromagnetic field. It is suggested that the gravitational forces for the unstable particles, presumably the mesons, are not sufficient to keep the torus from expanding in the direction of its large radius. Rest energy zero can be achieved, presumably for photons and neutrons, when the gravitational energy and electromagnetic field energy are equal in magnitude. The manner in which these models can exhibit spin, magnetic moment, wave length, and phase velocity is indicated. The origin of nuclear forces from an electromagnetic basis is indicated."
Date: June 23, 1955
Creator: Bostick, W. H.
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The Electrostatic Potential About an Atomic Nucleus in an Ionized Gas

Description: From introduction: "The object of this paper is to derive a simple approximate expression for the average potential about an atomic nucleus in an ionized gas. It was desired that the expression be simple in the sense that its analytic form would be convenient in Born approximation calculations. It was also desired that the results would be valid over a large range of temperature and density for all elements with perhaps the exception of those with low atomic number."
Date: June 1958
Creator: Kidder, R. E.
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High-Current Linear Accelerators

Description: This report analyzes two high-current linear accelerators, the A-54--a 48.5 megacycle resonant cavity accelerator--and the A-48, that is under construction during the time this report is written.
Date: June 27, 1955
Creator: Clark, A. F.; Jopson, R. C.; Lamb, W. A. S.; Smith, Lloyd & Van Atta, Chester Murray
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An Integrated Miniature Solvent Extraction System for Processing Radioactive Solutions

Description: Abstract: "Because of the radiation hazards inherent in processing large volumes of radioactive solutions by solvent extraction techniques, there is need for a system with small hold-up which can be contained within a minimum of shielding and yet which is versatile enough to be used as a research tool. A system utilizing a miniature mixer-settler has been constructed and its successful operation by remote means demonstrated. The unit is semiportable and employs a number of novel features of value in studying a wide variety of solvent extraction flowsheets. Data on the distribution of nitric acid between water and tributyl phosphate (in kerosene) are included as a demonstration of the operability of the unit."
Date: June 21, 1955
Creator: Bloom, Justin L.
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Occluded-Gas Ion Source

Description: "Characteristics of a pulsed, occluded-gas ion source, operating in a magnetic field, have been investigated. Mass spectra of hydrogen- and deuterium-loaded sources are presented. Constructional details of the source and its operating characteristics are discussed."
Date: June 27, 1956
Creator: Ehlers, Kenneth W.
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Preferential Pumping and Its Application to the P⁴ Experiment

Description: Report analyzing the "preferential removal of neutral gas from an incompletely ionized plasma in which the ionized particles are allowed to drift along magnetic field lines through a differentially pumped channel" and its relation to the P⁴ experiment. The report also analyzes the regenerative and non-regenerative losses of plasma by radial diffusion, as well as "considerations relating to the ultimate disposal of overflow plasma."
Date: June 14, 1957
Creator: Hall, Laurence S. & Gardner, Andrew L.
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The Satellite Code: A Numerical Satellite Integration Program for the IBM 704

Description: From Introduction: "This report is intended as a handbook for the users of the Satellite code which was developed as a general purpose satellite and space probe program. The components of acceleration, in a three-dimensional rectangular coordinate system, are integrated to produce the velocities and coordinates. These may be transformed into elliptical elements at each time step. The output, therefore, may resemble an integration in the coordinates as well as in the parameters."
Date: June 1959
Creator: Smith, Virginia S.; Bruijnes, Hans R. & Sherman, Nevin W.
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Fast Neutron Effects on Du Pont 1290 Film

Description: Abstract: "Fast neutron effects on a widely used x-ray film have been investigated. The neutron flux was provided by the (d, t) reaction of a Cockcroft-Walton accelerator. Integrated exposures to 10-10 n/cm-2 were given the film. It was found that perturbations on film that were pre-exposed to Co-60 gamma rays from 10 to 2000 r were negligible. Simultaneous exposure of neutrons plus gammas also indicated negligible effect on the film insofar as the gamma dose was concerned."
Date: June 13, 1958
Creator: Block, Seymour & Hughes, Lewis
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Influence of Fluorine Substitution on the Properties of Metal Chelate Compounds

Description: From introduction: "This is the first of three articles dealing with the influence of fluorine substitution in the ligand on the properties of metal chelate compounds. Although the primary purpose of this project was to study the influence of fluorine substitution on the properties -- particularly light absorption -- of uranyl compounds, copper chelates were chosen for preliminary study as model substances, because they are easily prepared."
Date: June 9, 1955
Creator: Belford, R. Linn; Martell, Arthur E. & Calvin, Melvin
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Development of Switching Components for Controlled Fusion Research

Description: Abstract: "Components for switching large stored energies have been under development at the University of California Radiation Laboratory at Livermore. Applications and problems are discussed. Work has been done on a low inductance ignitron. A test and development program of 5550 type 2" ignitrons has led to a tube good at 10 kv for pulses of 30 ka with a decay time of 500 μs. Times for transfer of the arc to the wall have been measured for several types of ignitrons. A 4"-insulated cathode ignitron has been developed for pulses of 10 ka for 20 ms. The firing delay and jitter of 2" ignitrons has been found to be as low as 0.25 μs and 0.06 μs, respectively."
Date: June 1958
Creator: Cummings, David B.
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Dissociation of H₂⁺ by Photons

Description: Abstract: "A measurement was made of the dissociation of vibrationally-excited H2+ ions by photons having quantum energy in the vicinity of 4 e.v. The calculated cross section from theory is 3 x 10-(-18) cm-2. The experimental result is 10-(-17) cm-2; a factor of 10 uncertainty is present because the photon intensity was unknown by that factor."
Date: June 12, 1957
Creator: Linlor, William I.; Barnett, C. F. & Reinhardt, R.
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