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[Envelope addressed to Charles B. Moore, April 20, 1895]

Description: Envelope addressed to Mr. Charles B. Moore in Melissa, Collin County, Texas. It was sent by Will McGee and received on April 24, 1895, according to the hand-written note in the bottom left corner. It is postmarked Gallatin, Tenn. APR 20, 1895. The top right corner, where the stamp would have been, has been cut away.
Date: April 20, 1895
Creator: McGee, Will
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Birdie McGee to Linnet Moore, April 22, 1898]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Birdie McGee and is addressed to Linnet Moore. In this letter, McGee informs Moore of the goings-on in Gallatin, Tennessee. The news includes: a confirmation of the receipt of Linnet's photograph, updates on family and friends, news about her past plans and future plans, agricultural and weather updates,details on community events and the attire that her and some of the family are going to wear to one of the events, a discussion about her hat, and a dialogue about the construction of the school house and the instructor. She closes this letter by noting that Linnet should write soon. In the letter to Charles B. Moore and Aunt Mollie, McGee details the number of baby chickens that have hatched, the number of turkey eggs Tobe has brought to them , and an update on Tobe's campaign in an unspecified election. She notes that Will has sold his jersey cow whose bag has spoiled and plans to buy another with the money. She informs Charles and Aunt Mollie on the goings-on in Gallatin and updates them on family news. She closes the letter by stating that the Moore family must write soon. The envelope is included with the letter.
Date: April 22, 1898
Creator: McGee, Birdie
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Draft of letter, April 19, 1891]

Description: This is a draft from the personal papers of the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Moore on April 19, 1891. In this letter, Moore writes about an article written in the Dallas Weekly News on April 16 by D. B. Kiefer. The article details a "norther" that struck Texas in April of 1857. He states in this document that he writes to corroborate stories with the journalist, provide his experience through the "norther," and make a correction on the date given in Kiefer's article. The third and fourth page of this document includes genealogical accounts of Moore's descendants. He details the Wallace family and the history of some of the Wallace men who were part of an expedition sent on a charge to the Creek nation.
Date: April 19, 1891
Creator: Moore, Charles B.
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[News Clip: Austin reax]

Description: Video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story.
Date: April 5, 1994, 10:00 p.m.
Creator: KXAS-TV (Television station : Fort Worth, Tex.)
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