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Primary view of Special Collections Spanish Translation Pilot Project
Parker, Jaimi; Judkins, Julie & Knighton, Maia
December 14, 2021
Primary view of Trans Accessible Libraries Initiative (TALI)
Leuzinger, Julie & Condrey, Coby
December 20, 2021
Primary view of Handling Techniques for Rubidium
McCoy, H.E., Jr. & Hoffman, E. E.
December 18, 1955
Primary view of Relative Biological Hazards of Radiations Expected in Homogeneous Reactors TBR and HPR
Arnold, E. D. & Gresky, A. T.
December 2, 1955
Primary view of Analytical Chemistry Division Semiannual Progress Report For Period Ending October 20, 1955
Kelley, M. T.; Susana, C. D. & Rooen, H. P.
December 27, 1955
Primary view of Biology Progress Report for Period Ending August 15, 1955
Hollaender, Alexander; Carson, Stanley F. & Sleughter, E. J.
December 12, 1955
Primary view of Products Produced in Batch Neutron Irradiation of Thorium
Gresky, A. T. & Arnold, E. D.
December 27, 1955
Primary view of The Effect of Acidity and Reducing Agents on Ruthenium Solvent Extraction by Tributyl Phosphate in the 25 Process
Flanary, J. R. & Frashier, L. D.
December 15, 1954
Primary view of Magnetic Measurement of AGS Experimental Magnets
Danby, Gordon T.
December 26, 1961
Primary view of Computations for AGS Experimental Beams: Description of Computer Program
Baker, Winslow F.
December 15, 1961
Primary view of Non-Linear Bunch Motion at Transition
Hahn, Harald
December 4, 1961
Primary view of Theory of Alpha Decay of Spheroidal Nuclei
Rasmussen, John O., Jr.
December 10, 1953
Primary view of The Class of Shocks With Uniform Pressure
Hardy, John W.
December 1963
Primary view of Determination of the Nucleon-Nucleon Elastic Scattering Matrix : I. Phase Shift Analysis of Experiments Near 140 MEV
MacGregor, Malcolm. H. (Malcolm Herbert), 1926-2019; Arndt, R. A. & Dubow, A. A.
December 6, 1963
Primary view of Influence of Low Concentrations of Crystal Defects on Thermal Annealing of Recoil Br82 in Hexabromoethane
Collins, Kenneth E. & Harbottle, Garman
December 20, 1962
Primary view of Metabolism of Fission Products in Man: Marshallese Experience
Cohn, S. M.
Primary view of Radiation Effects on Cell Renewal Systems
Patt, Harvey M. & Quastler, Henry
December 7, 1962
Primary view of Some Specific Considerations of the Potential Hazards of Heavy Primary Cosmic Rays
Curtis, Howard J.
December 7, 1962
Primary view of Plant Fructose-1,6-Diphosphatases
Saillie, Robert M.
December 7, 1962
Primary view of A Comparison of OH- Motions in Brucite and Micas
Boutin, Henri & Bassett, William
December 7, 1962
Primary view of Electron Spin Resonance Studies of Gamma-Irradiated Ferrocene
Saito, Eiichi
December 7, 1962
Primary view of The Fabrication of a Plutonium Helix for a Doppler Experiment
Dunworth, R. J.; Rhude, H. V. & Kelman, L. R.
December 1958
Primary view of A laboratory Ivestigation of the Fluorination of Crude Uranium Tertrafluoride
Sandus, O. & Steunenberg, R. K.
December 1957
Primary view of Chemical Engineering Division Summary Report July, August, and September, 1957
Lawroski, Stephen; Rodger, W. A.; Vogel, R. C. & Munnecke, V. H.
December 1957
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