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Primary view of ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education: Quick Start Guide
Sabzalieva, Emma & Valenti, Arianna
April 2023
Primary view of NASA Framework for the Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
McLarney, Edward; Gawdiak, Yuri; Oza, Nikunj; Mattman, Chris; Garcia, Martin; Maskey, Manil et al.
April 2021
Primary view of Aeroradioactivity Survey and Areal Geology of the District of Columbia and Parts of Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia (ARMS-I)
Neuschel, Sherman K.
April 1966
Primary view of Cincinnati Area (ARMS-II)
Guillou, R. B. (Robert Barton)
April 1966
Primary view of Injection Trajectories and Beam Matching for the Cambridge Electron Accelerator
Steffen, Klaus G.
April 17, 1957
Primary view of Production of Single Crystal Copper Films at Low Temperatures
Yelon, Arthur
April 1959
Primary view of The Validity of the Statistical Theory of Pressure Broadening
Margenau, Henry, 1901-1997
April 3, 1956
Primary view of Prebunching by Velocity Modulation in Linear Accelerators
Smårs, E. A.
April 1956
Primary view of Precision Beta-Ray Spectroscopy : Termination Report
Fowler, C. M.
April 17, 1956
Primary view of A Method for Monochromatizating and Precise Point Focusing of X-Rays and its Application in Low Angle Diffraction Studies
Berreman, Dwight Winton
April 1955
Primary view of Studies on the Experimental Pathology and Biochemistry of the Pulmonary Granulomatosis of Beryllium Workers. Section II, Consolidated Progress Report. Supplement: a Review of the Physical Chemistry of Beryllium
Schepers, G. W. H. (Gerrit Willem Hendrik), 1914-
April 25, 1955
Primary view of EGCR Core Structural Analysis: The Effects of Fast-Neuron Irradiation and the Bowing Characteristics of the Graphite Columns
Moore, S. E. & Shaw, W. A.
April 14, 1961
Primary view of Preliminary Report on 2% U235-Enriched UF4-C25H52 Critical Assemblies
Mihalczo, J. T.; Lynn, J.J.; Scott, Dunlap & Connolly, W. C.
April 22, 1959
Primary view of Aerosol Collection by Wetted Fiberglass Media
Leary, Joseph A.; Clark, Robert A.; Hammond, R. Philip & Leopold, Charles S.
April 28, 1954
Primary view of Grüneisen's Law and the Fusion Curve at High Pressure
Gilvarry, J. J. (John James), 1917-
April 11, 1955
Primary view of HRP Dynamic Slurry Corrosion Studies : Quarter Ending April 30, 1957
Compere, E. L. (Edgar L.); Savage, H. C.; Reed, S. A.; Warner, R. M.; Ulrich, W. C.; Cole, H. D. et al.
April 30, 1957
Primary view of Observed Pressure Drop Across HRT Off-Gas Adsorber Units (Charcoal Beds) at Various Flows of Oxygen
Van Winkle, R.
April 17, 1957
Primary view of Possibility of Oxygen Depletion in Stagnant Uranyl Sulfate Lines
Gift, E. H.
April 29, 1957
Primary view of Operation of the Distillation Method for the Determination of Sodium Oxide in NaK During the Calibration of a Plug Indicator
Peak, R. D.
April 30, 1957
Primary view of Thorium oxide Slurry Falling Ball Viscometer : Final Co-op Report, Winter, 1957
Novak, P. E.
April 10, 1957
Primary view of Deflection Equations for Various Loading of Circular-Arc Curved Beams
Platus, D. L. & Greenstreet, B. L.
April 22, 1957
Primary view of Maintenance of Various Reactor Types
Draper, R. D.
April 8, 1957
Primary view of Report of Slurry Blanket Test Run SM-2
Parsly, L. J., Jr.; Falkenberry, H. L. & Miller, I. M.
April 29, 1957
Primary view of Compendium of Experimental Results of the Circulation of Aqueous Thorium Oxide Slurries in Toxoids
Moore, G. E.; Benson, R. F.; McDaniel, F. E. & Wheeler, S. H.
April 30, 1957
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