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Primary view of Prospects for physics at e/sup +/e/sup -/ linear colliders
Feldman, G. J.
March 1, 1988
Primary view of Kilowatt Isotope Power System, Phase II Plan. Volume IV. Teledyne FSCD vs GDS
unknown creator
March 15, 1978
Primary view of Single particle behavior in plasmas
McNamara, B.
March 10, 1977
Primary view of Radionuclides in plankton from the South Pacific Basin
Marsh, K.V. & Buddemeier, R.W.
March 23, 1984
Primary view of Cross-Spectral Study of the Spatial Relationships in the North Pacific Sea-Surface Temperature Anomaly Field. Report No. 23
Middleton, J.W.
March 1, 1980
Primary view of BURNUP DETERMINATION OF NUCLEAR FUELS. Project Report for the Quarter, April 1--June 30, 1968 and Final Report
Lisman, F. L.; Maeck, W. J.; Rein, J. E.; Foster, Jr., R. E.; Abernathey, R. M.; Delmore, Jr., J. E. et al.
March 1, 1969
Primary view of Development of a High Velocity Solid Particle Launcher for Laboratory Erosion Studies. [Reentry Vehicle Heat Shields]
Aeschliman, D. P.; Mulac, A. J.; Guzman, J. A.; Eaton, R. R. & Fox, R. L.
March 1, 1975
Primary view of Thermal Radiation From a Nuclear Detonation
Broido, A.; Butler, C.P.; Day, R.P.; Hillendahl, R.W.; Martin, S.B. & Willoughby, A.B.
March 1, 1953
Primary view of Retrospective examination of geothermal environmental assessments
Webb, J. W.; Eddlemon, G. K. & Reed, A. W.
March 1, 1984
Primary view of Video monitoring system for enriched uranium casting furnaces
Turner, P. C.
March 1, 1978
Primary view of Stress corrosion cracking of uranium--niobium alloys
Magnani, N.J.
March 1, 1978
Primary view of Murakami density limit in tokamaks and reversed-field pinches
Perkins, F.W. & Hulse, R.A.
March 1, 1984
Primary view of Nuclear power in the Soviet Bloc
Davey, W.G.
March 1, 1982
Primary view of SPXCPL: two-dimensional modeling program of self-potential effects from cross-coupled fluid and heat flow (User's Guide and documentation for Version 1. 0)
Sill, W. R. & Killpack, T. J.
March 1, 1982
Primary view of Di-leptons at the Bevalac
Matis, H.S.
March 1, 1988
Primary view of Inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectroscopy: a computer controlled, scanning monochromator system for the rapid determination of the elements
Floyd, M. A.
March 1, 1980
Primary view of Second Nuclear Era
Weinberg, Alvin M.; Spiewak, Irving; Barkenbus, Jack N.; Livingston, Robert S. & Phung, Doan L.
March 1, 1984
Primary view of Characterization of solids in the Three Mile Island Unit 2 Reactor defueling water: Addendum
Campbell, D.O.
March 1, 1988
Primary view of Compatibility testing of vitrified waste forms
Rankin, W.N.
March 6, 1978
Primary view of Assessment of the risk of transporting liquid chlorine by rail
Andrews, W.B.
March 1, 1980
Primary view of Methane oxidation over dual redox catalysts
Klier, Kamil; Herman, Richard G. & Sojka, Zvigniew
March 1, 1989
Primary view of Computer simulation of steady-state performance of air-to-air heat pumps
Ellison, R D & Creswick, F A
March 1, 1978
Primary view of Measurements of the dependence of damage thresholds on laser wavelength, pulse duration and film thickness
Rainer, F.; Vercimak, C.L.; Milam, D.; Carniglia, C.K. & Tuttle Hart, T.
March 1, 1984
Primary view of Irradiation experiment for lithium ceramics
Hollenberg, G.W.
March 1, 1982
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