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Manganiferous and Ferruginous Chert in Perry and Lewis Counties, Tennessee

Description: From abstract: Perry and Lewis Counties, east of the Tennessee River, in west-middle Tennessee, are underlain by nearly flat-lying rocks of Paleozoic age, with Mississippian cherty limestones forming the greater part of the surface of the western Highland Rim Plateau ridges. Near the summits of the ridges there is a fairly definite horizon in the chert that contains manganese and iron oxides in varying degrees of concentration. Weathering of the mineralized chert has produced widespread float on the hill slopes and in the beds of small spring branches, and the presence of this float, some of it rich enough for metallurgical manganese ore, has encouraged a search for promising deposits in place. In the present study 52 localities where the mineralized beds crop out or have been prospected were examined.
Date: 1943
Creator: Burchard, Ernest F.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Subdivision, Subsurface Stratigraphy, and Estimated Age of Fluvial-Terrace Deposits in Northwestern Tennessee

Description: This report studies the fluvial-terrace deposits in northwestern Tennessee with the intention of establishing a means of correlating disjunct terrace segments along the Obion River that is independent of terrace height, to document the stratigraphy of selected terrace deposits, and to estimate their numerical ages.
Date: 1996
Creator: Rodbell, Donald T.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department