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Primary view of Bibliography of Temperature Measurement: July 1960 to December 1962
Halpern, Carl
September 13, 1936
Primary view of Effect of Viscosity on Fuel Leakage Between Lapped Plungers and Sleeves and on the Discharge From a Pump-Injection System
Rothrock, A. M. & Marsh, E. T.
December 13, 1933
Primary view of The Elimination of Fire Hazard Due to Back Fires
Theodorsen, Theodore & Freeman, Ira M.
October 13, 1931
Primary view of Wind-Tunnel Research Comparing Lateral Control Devices, Particularly at High Angles of Attack 5: Spoilers and Ailerons on Rectangular Wings
Weick, Fred E. & Shortal, Joseph A.
June 13, 1932
Primary view of Wing-Fuselage Interference, Tail Buffeting, and Air Flow About the Tail of a Low-Wing Monoplane
White, James A. & Hood, Manley J.
December 13, 1933
Primary view of The Comparative Performance of Superchargers
Schey, Oscar W.
January 13, 1931
Primary view of An Analysis of Longitudinal Stability in Power-Off Flight With Charts for Use in Design
Zimmerman, Charles H.
December 13, 1934
Primary view of The N.A.C.A. Full-Scale Wind Tunnel
DeFrance, Smith J.
March 13, 1933
Primary view of Experiments on the distribution of fuel in fuel sprays
Lee, Dana W.
February 13, 1932
Primary view of Performance of a fuel-injection spark-ignition engine using a hydrogenated safety fuel
Schey, Oscar W. & Young, Alfred W.
June 13, 1933
Primary view of Applied Potential Corrosion of Aluminum and 18-8 Stainless Steel Alloys
Sanborn, Kenneth L.
March 13, 1930
Primary view of [Letter from Rosa O. Merritt]
Merritt, Rosa O.
May 13, 1939