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Primary view of New silicotitanate molecular sieve and condensed phases
Nenoff, Tina M. & Nyman, May D.
November 1, 2000
Primary view of Speech recovery device
Frankle, Christen M.
October 19, 2000
Primary view of Modified cellulose synthase gene from 'Arabidopsis thaliana' confers herbicide resistance to plants
Somerville, Chris R. & Scieble, Wolf
October 11, 2000
Primary view of Method and apparatus for aligning a solar concentrator using two lasers
Diver, Richard Boyer Jr.
October 5, 2000
Primary view of Adjustable cutting tool holder
Steinhour, William Lee III; West, Drew; Honeycutt, Steve; Frank, Steven & Krishnamurthy, Kallutla
September 21, 2000
Primary view of Beam position monitor
Alkire, Randy W.; Rosenbaum, Gerold & Evans, Gwyndaf
September 21, 2000
Primary view of Films for Use in Microelectronic Devices and Methods of Producing Same
Kelber, Jeffry A.
April 10, 1998
Primary view of Concurrent materials and process selection in conceptual design
Kleban, Stephen D. & Knorovsky, Gerald A.
August 16, 2000
Primary view of Method for generating a highly reactive plasma for exhaust gas after treatment and enhanced catalyst reactivity
Whealton, John H.; Hanson, Gregory R.; Storey, John M.; Raridon, Richard J.; Armfield, Jeffrey S.; Bigelow, Timothy S. et al.
July 1, 2000
Primary view of Coal Beneficiation by Gas Agglomeration
Wheelock, Thomas D. & Shen, Meiyu
March 15, 2000
Primary view of All-vapor processing of P-type tellurium-containing II-VI semiconductor and ohmic contacts thereof
McCandless, Brian E.
March 1, 2000
Primary view of Multi-stage slurry system used for grinding and polishing materials
Hed, P. Paul & Fuchs, Baruch A.
March 1, 2000
Primary view of Method and Apparatus for separation of heavy and tritiated water
Lee, Myung, W.
February 28, 2000
Primary view of Method of glass melter electrode length measurement using time domain reflectometry (TDR)
Tarpley, James M. & Zamecnik, John R.
February 28, 2000
Primary view of Sample push out fixture
Biernat, John L.
February 22, 2000
Primary view of Narrow groove welding gas diffuser assembly and welding torch
Rooney, Stephen J.
February 4, 2000
Primary view of Polarization selecting Optical Element using a Porro Prism Incorporating a thin film Polarizer in a single element
Hendrix, James lee
January 28, 2000
Primary view of Low Resistance Electrode Construction
Redey, Laszlo & Karell, Eric
January 20, 2000
Primary view of Fabrication of Photonic band gap Materials
Constant, Kristen; Subramania, Ganapathi S.; Biswas, Rana & Ho, Kai-Ming
January 5, 2000
Primary view of Apparatus and Method for Ultra-Sensitive trace Analysis
Lu, Zhengtian; Bailey, Kevin G.; Chen, Chun Yen; Li, Yimin; O'Connor, Thomas P. & Young, Linda
January 3, 2000