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Primary view of Final Safety Analysis Report (FSAR) for Building 332, Increment III
Odell, B. N. & Toy, Jr., A. J.
August 31, 1977
Primary view of Generation IV Nuclear Energy System Initiative. Pin Core Subassembly Design for the Gas-Cooled Fast Reactor.
unknown creator
September 15, 1986
Primary view of Study of the Form Factor of the Proton in the Timelike Region for Large Momentum Transfers
Andreotti, Mirco & U., /Ferrara
January 1, 2001
Primary view of Reconstruction in VDC A and B and its application to the resolution in the RICH detector of SELEX
Mata Salazar, Julio Heriberto & U., /San Luis Potosi
May 1, 2004
Primary view of Operation and maintenance guidance: A procedures manual for solar domestic hot water systems at Camp Darby; Guida al funzionamento ed alla manutenzione: Un manuale procedurale per gli impianti solari di produzione di acqua calda sanitaria di Camp Darby
Belk, J. P.; Williams, W. R.; Feldman, M. R.; Wolfgong, J. R.; Horton, J. R.; Anderson, J. C. et al.
May 1, 1993
Primary view of Results of investigation at the Miravalles Geothermal Field, Costa Rica: Part 1, Well logging. Resultados de las investigaciones en el campo geotermico de Miravalles, Costa Rica: Parte 1, Registros de pozos
Dennis, B.R.; Lawton, R.G.; Kolar, J.D. & Alvarado, A.
March 1, 1989
Primary view of Recommendations report for the platanares geothermal site, Department of Copan, Honduras. Reporte de recomendaciones para el sitio geotermico de platanares, Departamento de Copan, Honduras
unknown creator
November 1, 1988
Primary view of Reconnaissance evaluation of Honduran geothermal sites. Una evaluacion por medio de reconocimiento de seis areas geotermicas en Honduras
Eppler, D.; Fakundiny, R. & Ritchie, A.
December 1, 1986
Primary view of Fourth symposium on the Cerro Prieto geothermal field, Baja California, Mexico. Actas proceedings. Volume I
unknown creator
January 1, 1982
Primary view of Ophthalmologic survey of atomic bomb survivors in Japan, 1949. Atomic bomb radiation cataract case report with histopathologic study. Medical examination of Hiroshima patients with radiation cataracts
Cogan, D.G.; Martin, S.F.; Kimura, S.J.; Ikui, Hiroshi & Fillmore, Paul G.
January 1, 1959
Primary view of Well-To-Wheels Analysis of Landfill Gas-Based Pathways and Their Addition to the Greet Model.
Mintz, M.; Han, J.; Wang, M.; Saricks, C. & Systems, Energy
June 30, 2010
Primary view of Model year 2010 (Gen 3) Toyota Prius level 1 testing report.
Rask, E.; Duoba, M.; Lohse-Busch, H.; Bocci, D. & Systems, Energy
June 24, 2010
Primary view of Model year 2010 Ford Fusion Level-1 testing report.
Rask, E.; Bocci, D.; Duoba, M.; Lohse-Busch, H. & Systems, Energy
November 23, 2010
Primary view of Summary of operations and performance of the Utica aquifer and North Lake Basin wetlands restoration project in December 2008-November 2009.
LaFreniere, L. M. & Division, Environmental Science
May 25, 2010
Primary view of Water vulnerabilities for existing coal-fired power plants.
Elcock, D.; Kuiper, J. & Division, Environmental Science
August 19, 2010
Primary view of Feasibility analyses for HEU to LEU fuel conversion of the LAUE Langivin Institute (ILL) High Flux Reactor (RHF).
Stevens, J.; A., Tentner.; Bergeron, A. & Division, Nuclear Engineering
August 19, 2010
Primary view of Tensile-property characterization of thermally aged cast stainless steels.
Michaud, W. F.; Toben, P. T.; Soppet, W. K.; Chopra, O. K. & Technology, Energy
March 3, 1994
Primary view of ZPR-3 Assembly 11 : A cylindrical sssembly of highly enriched uranium and depleted uranium with an average {sup 235}U enrichment of 12 atom % and a depleted uranium reflector.
Lell, R. M.; McKnight, R. D.; Tsiboulia, A.; Rozhikhin, Y.; Security, National & Engineering, Inst. of Physics and Power
September 30, 2010
Primary view of Fuel cycle analysis of once-through nuclear systems.
Kim, T. K.; Taiwo, T. A. & Division, Nuclear Engineering
August 10, 2010
Primary view of Water management technologies used by Marcellus Shale Gas Producers.
Veil, J. A. & Division, Environmental Science
July 30, 2010
Primary view of Review of environmental effects on fatigue crack growth of austenitic stainless steels.
Shack, W. J.; Kassner, T. F. & Technology, Energy
July 11, 1994
Primary view of Th/U-233 multi-recycle in PWRs.
Yun, D.; Kim, T. K.; Taiwo, T. A. & Division, Nuclear Engineering
September 7, 2010
Primary view of Results of groundwater monitoring and vegetation sampling at Everest, Kansas, in 2009 .
LaFreniere, L. M. & Division, Environmental Science
May 13, 2010
Primary view of Well-To-Wheels Analysis of Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles.
Elgowainy, A.; Han, J.; Poch, L.; Wang, M.; Vyas, A.; Mahalik, M. et al.
June 14, 2010
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