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December 29, 1997
Primary view of Summary of Generation-IV transmutation impacts.
Taiwo, T. A. & Hill, R. N.
August 3, 2005
Primary view of Operation of the APS photoinjector drive laser system.
Li, Y.
January 24, 2005
Primary view of Modeling report of the CEA cadarache MINERVE reactor for the OSMOSE project.
Klann, R.; Perret, G.; Hudelot, J. P. & Antony, M.
February 25, 2005
Primary view of Transmission electron microscopy analysis of corroded metal waste forms.
Dietz, N. L.
April 15, 2005
Primary view of Fast neutrons incident on rotors : - tantalum.
Smith, A. B.
March 21, 2005
Primary view of Impact of spectral transition zone in reference ENIGMA configuration.
Aliberti, G.; Palmiotti, G.; Taiwo, T. A. & Tommasi, J.
October 5, 2005
Primary view of Sodium pool fire phenomena, sodium pool fire modeling in SOFIRE II, and SOFIRE II calculations for the AFR-100
Sienicki, J. J. & Moisseytsev, A. (Nuclear Engineering Division)
November 12, 2012
Primary view of Safeguards Approaches for Very Long-Term Storage of Spent Fuel
Kollar, L.; Mendez-Torres, A.; Diaz Marcano, H.; Therios, I. (Nuclear Engineering Division) Nuclear Engineering Division & Laboratory), (Savannah River National
October 11, 2013
Primary view of Transportation Research and Analysis Computing Center (TRACC) Year 5 Quarter 4 Progress Report.
Ley, H. (Energy Systems)
January 23, 2012
Primary view of NEAMS: The Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and Simulation Program
Bradley, K.
June 17, 2013
Primary view of Irradiation Experiment Conceptual Design Parameters for MITR LEU U-Mo Fuel Conversion
Wilson, E. H.; Newton, T. H.; Hu, L.; Dunn, F. E. (Nuclear Engineering Division) & Laboratory), (MIT Nuclear Reactor
July 16, 2013
Primary view of Report on thermal aging effects on tensile properties of advanced austenitic steels.
Li, M.; Natesan, K.; Soppet, W.K.; Listwan, J.T. & Rink, D.L. (Nuclear Engineering Division)
August 23, 2012
Primary view of Soil carbon response to rising temperature
Montz, A.; Kotamarthi, V. R. & Bellout, H.
September 7, 2012
Primary view of Preliminary Accident Analyses for Conversion of the University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR) from Highly-Enriched to Low-Enriched Uranium Prepared by
Feldman, E. E.; Foyto, L. P.; Kutikkad, K.; McKibben, J. C.; Peters, N. J.; Stevens, J. G. et al.
July 8, 2013
Primary view of Irradiation Experiment Conceptual Design Parameters for MURR LEU U-Mo Fuel Conversion Revision
Stillman, J.; Feldman, E.; Stevens, J.; Wilson, E.; Foyto, L.; Kutikkad, K. et al.
June 28, 2013
Primary view of Guidelines for beamline and front-end radiation shielding design at the Advanced Photon Source, rev. 4
Fernandez, P. (APS Engineering Support Division)
November 29, 2012
Primary view of Verification and validation of the PLTEMP/ANL code for thermal hydraulic analysis of experimental and test reactors
Kalimullah, M.; Olson, A.O.; Feldman, E.E.; Hanan, N. & Dionne, B. (Nuclear Engineering Division)
December 3, 2012
Primary view of NEAMS Update. Quarterly Report for October - December 2012
Bradley, K.
March 12, 2013
Primary view of Water resource assessment of geothermal resources and water use in geopressured geothermal systems.
Clark, C. E.; Harto, C. B. & Troppe, W. A.
March 11, 2013
Primary view of Verification test suite for systems analysis tools
Sumner, T.; Hu, R. & Fanning, T. H. (Nuclear Engineering Division)
February 21, 2013
Primary view of Performance analysis of Darshan 2.2.3 on the Cray XE6 platform.
Carns, P.; Harms, K.; Latham, R. & Ross, R. (Mathematics and Computer Science)
November 15, 2012
Primary view of Resolution of qualification issues for existing structural materials.
Natesan, K.; Li, M.; Majumdar, S.; Nanstad, R. K. & Sham, T. -L.
August 6, 2012
Primary view of Generation IV Nuclear Energy System Initiative; Air-Cooled Option Rccs Studies and NSTF Preparation.
Lomperski, S.; Pointer, W.D.; Tzanos, C.P.; Wei, T.Y.C. & Kraus, A.R. (Nuclear Engineering Division)
November 20, 2012
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