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Primary view of Fast neutrons incident on rotors : - tantalum.
Smith, A. B.
March 21, 2005
Primary view of NEAMS Update. Quarterly Report for October - December 2012
Bradley, K.
March 12, 2013
Primary view of Water resource assessment of geothermal resources and water use in geopressured geothermal systems.
Clark, C. E.; Harto, C. B. & Troppe, W. A.
March 11, 2013
Primary view of Irradiation Experiment Conceptual Design Parameters for Murr Leu U-MO Fuel Conversion
Stillman, J.; Feldman, E.; Stevens, J.; Wilson, E.; Foyto, L.; Kutikkad, K. et al.
March 26, 2013
Primary view of Used Fuel Disposition Campaign Phase I Ring Compression Testing of High-Burnup Cladding
Billone, M. C.; Burtseva, T. A.; Dobrzynski, J. P.; McGann, D. P.; Bryne, K.; Han, Z. et al.
March 20, 2013
Primary view of Model year 2010 Honda insight level-1 testing report.
Rask, E.; Bocci, D.; Duoba, M. & Lohse-Busch, H. (Energy Systems)
March 22, 2011
Primary view of Impact of post-event avoidance behavior on commercial facilities sector venues-literature review.
Samsa, M. E.; Baldwin, T. E.; Berry, M. S.; Guzowski, L. B.; Martinez-Moyano, I.; Nieves, A. L. et al.
March 24, 2011
Primary view of Study of the CP Symmetry Violation in Partially Reconstructed B0 ---> D* Pi Decays With the BABAR Detector
Legendre, Marie
March 27, 2006
Primary view of Research proposal for development of an electron stripper using a thin liquid lithium film for rare isotope accelerator.
Momozaki, Y.
March 6, 2006
Primary view of Status report : guard containment CFD analysis.
Tzanos, C. P.
March 3, 2006
Primary view of Physics division annual report 2005.
Glover, J. & Physics
March 12, 2007
Primary view of Surveillance of site A and plot M, report for 2007.
Golchert, N. W. & Oversight, ESH /QA
March 25, 2008
Primary view of Measurement of the Branching Ratio Lambda_C+ -> P Pi+ Pi-
Lopez-Hinojosa, Guillermo & U., /San Luis Potosi
March 1, 2008
Primary view of Implementation of nodal equivalence parameters in DIF3D-VARIANT for core analysis of prismatic Very High Temperature Reactor (VHTR).
Lee, C. H.; Joo, H. K.; Yang, W. S. & Taiwo, T. A.
March 15, 2007
Primary view of Well-to-wheels energy use and greenhouse gas emissions analysis of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.
Elgowainy, A.; Burnham, A.; Wang, M.; Molburg, J.; Rousseau, A. & Systems, Energy
March 31, 2009
Primary view of Weather forecast-based optimization of integrated energy systems.
Zavala, V. M.; Constantinescu, E. M.; Krause, T. & Anitescu, M.
March 1, 2009
Primary view of Optimal explicit strong-stability-preserving general linear methods : complete results.
Constantinescu, E. M.; Sandu, A.; Science, Mathematics and Computer & Univ., Virginia Polytechnic Inst. and State
March 3, 2009
Primary view of Structured hints : extracting and abstracting domain expertise.
Hereld, M.; Stevens, R.; Sterling, T.; Gao, G. R.; Science, Mathematics and Computer; Tech., California Inst. of et al.
March 16, 2009
Primary view of Validation of the G-PASS code : status report.
Vilim, R. B.
March 12, 2009
Primary view of Tensile-property characterization of thermally aged cast stainless steels.
Michaud, W. F.; Toben, P. T.; Soppet, W. K.; Chopra, O. K. & Technology, Energy
March 3, 1994
Primary view of Results of investigation at the Miravalles Geothermal Field, Costa Rica: Part 1, Well logging. Resultados de las investigaciones en el campo geotermico de Miravalles, Costa Rica: Parte 1, Registros de pozos
Dennis, B.R.; Lawton, R.G.; Kolar, J.D. & Alvarado, A.
March 1, 1989
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