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Primary view of AL 00-3
Falsetta, Vincent
Primary view of 0.5 μm E/D AlGaAs/GaAs heterostructure field effect transistor technology with DFET threshold adjust implant
Baca, A. G.; Sherwin, M. E.; Zolper, J. C.; Shul, R. J.; Briggs, R. D.; Heise, J. A. et al.
April 1997
Primary view of A 0. 5 to 3. 0 MeV monoenergetic positron beam
Huomo, H.; AsokaKumar, P.; Henderson, S. D.; Phlips, B. F.; Mayer, R.; McDonough, J. et al.
Primary view of 0. 20-m (8-in.) Primary Burner Development Report
Stula, R. T.; Young, D. T. & Rode, J. S.
December 1977
Primary view of 0.25mm-Thick CCD Packaging for the Dark Energy Survey Camera Array
Derylo, Greg; Diehl, H. Thomas & Estrada, Juan
Primary view of 0-G experiments with advanced ceramic fabric wick structures
Antoniak, Z. I.; Webb, B. J.; Bates, J. M.; Cooper, M. F. & Pauley, K. A.
July 1991
Primary view of 1:1 iPads in 1st Grade: Two-Year Case Study of a Teacher's Concerns, Use, and Innovation Configuration
Eutsler, Lauren
Primary view of 1. 2-GeV damping-ring complex for the Stanford Linear Collider
Fischer, G. E.; Davies-White, W.; Fieguth, T. & Wiedemann, H.
July 1983
Primary view of 1.2 MW klystron for Asymmetric Storage Ring B Factory
Fowkes, W. R.; Caryotakis, G. & Doyle, E.
March 1995
Primary view of 1/2/Sup +/. -->. 1/2/Sup -/ Beta Decay of /Sup 19/Ne and the Parity Nonconserving Nn Force
Adelberger, E. G.; Hindi, M. M.; Hoyle, C. D.; Swanson, H. E. & Von Lintig, R. D.
Primary view of 1 & 2 Thessalonians in the Lamkang Language
Evangel Bible Translators
Primary view of 1-(4, 4'-Dinitrodiphenylmethyl)-Piperidines; 1-(4-Nitrobenzyl)-and 1-(4-Nitrobenzoyl)-Piperdines
Sammons, George D.
Primary view of 1.4 Natural Gas Combustion
United States. Environmental Protection Agency.
Primary view of A 1.5 GeV compact light source with superconducting bending magnets
Garren, A. A.; Cline, D. B.; Kolonko, J. J.; Green, M. A.; Johnson, D. E.; Leung, E. M. et al.
May 1995
Primary view of 1.5 megawatt dc chopper power supplies for plasma shape control on Doublet III
Rock, P. J. & Wesley, J. C.
November 1979
Primary view of AS 01-7
Falsetta, Vincent
Primary view of 1/12-scale physical modeling experiments in support of tank 241-SY- 101 hydrogen mitigation. Final report
Fort, J. A.; Bamberger, J. A.; Bates, J. M.; Enderlin, C. W. & Elmore, M. R.
January 1993
Primary view of 1/12-Scale scoping experiments to characterize double-shell tank slurry uniformity: Test plan
Bamberger, J. A. & Liljegren, L. M.
October 1994
Primary view of AZ 01-14
Falsetta, Vincent
Primary view of [$1.68 each slide]
WBAP-TV (Television station : Fort Worth, Tex.)
Primary view of [$1.78 pair slide]
WBAP-TV (Television station : Fort Worth, Tex.)
Primary view of [$1.87 pair slide]
WBAP-TV (Television station : Fort Worth, Tex.)
Primary view of 1-D Equilibrium Discrete Diffusion Monte Carlo
Evans, T. M.; Urbatsch, T. J. & Lichtenstein, H.
August 2000
Primary view of 1-GeV Linac Upgrade Study at Fermilab
Popovic, M.; Moretti, A.; Noble, R. & Schmidt, C. W.
September 1998
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