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[Letter from Birdie McGee to Linnet Moore, December 8, 1892]

Description: Letter to Linnet Moore in which the writer, Birdie McGee, states that everyone is well. Her school is out because the teacher's mother is so ill that school was dismissed entirely. She has since heard that the mother died. She has started a quilt. She thinks Clemmie Albright looks better in a corset and wants one too.
Date: December 8, 1892
Creator: McGee, Birdie
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Alice Griffin, Matilda Dodd and Birdie McGee to Linnet Moore, November 18, 1892]

Description: Letter from Birdie McGee to Linnet Moore in which she says that her teacher's mother is ill and that they have called off school until Monday. She also spent time dressing up a pumpkin and making a doll. A class photograph was taken at her school. Matilda Dodd wrote to Linnet that Birdie's teacher was sick; that it had been very rainy; and that they are waiting to sow the wheat. Alice Griffin wrote about her family's new buggy; the cold weather; and about her improving health.
Date: November 18, 1892
Creator: Griffin, Alice; McGee, Birdie & Dodd, Matilda
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Travis Winham to Charles B. Moore, November 12, 1892]

Description: Letter talks about his job as a typesetter, the death of his brother, Lyke Winham, and his life insurance policy. He discusses the Republican party and its recent nominating convention, including the McKinley Bill. In addition, he discusses religion and the coming of a new Christ that is greatly needed. Also includes the original envelope.
Date: November 12, 1892
Creator: Winham, Travis
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Clipping: Lord Tennyson Dead]

Description: Newspaper clipping about the death of Lord Alfred Tennyson including biographical information and an account of his death on October 6, 1892 in London. The reverse contains a partial "Farm and Garden" section with reprints from agricultural publications on how to build a sliding farm gate and mud sled, as well as information about feeding horses, pruning trees, docking horses' tails, and the start of a segment on growing mushrooms in caves.
Date: October 13, 1892
Creator: St. Louis Globe-Democrat
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

Scholarship coupons for the Texas Normal College Teachers Training Institute

Description: Image of scholarship coupons for various courses offered at Texas Normal College Teachers Training Institute. The coupons are printed on a re-purposed diploma. The coupons are good for one regular course in various departments: Teacher's Training, Music, Commercial, and Collegiate. The coupons were sold to J. W. Medlin and signed by College President J. C. Chilton on September 6, 1892.
Date: September 6, 1892
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Dinkie and Birdie McGee to Linnet, Charles, and Mary Dodd, July 2, 1892]

Description: Letter from Dinkie McGee talking about her flowers and garden. She also discusses neighbors, dresses they are making, and a new top buggy. There is also a letter from Birdie McGee to Linnet talking about getting her hat newly trimmed and her mother redoing her embroidered dress. She also mentions a new lounging chair they just purchased for $20.00. Also includes envelope from letter. Stamped on the back is Melissa, Texas July 5, 1893.
Date: July 2, 1892
Creator: McGee, Dinkie & McGee, Birdie
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Birdie McGee to Linnet Moore, January 17, 1892]

Description: Letter from Birdie McGee to her cousin, Linnet Moore, talking about the sleet and snow that broke the trees. Her mother did laundry and hung then on the line and they are frozen there still. Her brother Will was going to singing school being taught by Mr. Moncreaf at the school. She got a new blue hat for Christmas. Grandpa has 8 little lambs. She writes to Hattie Love all the time. She went and stayed with Clemmie Albright for several days and went with Alice and Mr. Frank and had a nice time. On the back she wrote her alphabet with a little something about each letter.
Date: January 17, 1892
Creator: McGee, Birdie
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

By the Sea

Description: A painting of women bathing in the sea.
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Date: 1892
Creator: Gauguin, Paul
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design

Correlation Papers: Archean and Algonkian

Description: From outline: This hook is a review of the present state of knowledge of the general structure of the pre-Cambrian rocks of the United States and Canada. The material contained in the historical chapters is of two kinds: Summaries of all articles pertaining to the subject considered, and summaries of the conclusions which appear to be established. The first represents the substance of the literature; the second brings together the important ascertained structural facts, and often times becomes a more or less extended discussion. The final chapter covers the same grounds as the historical chapters for the various pre-Cambrian in general successions proposed by different authors, and also contains a discussion of results and the principles upon which they are based. Within the chapters, individual districts or regions are given separate sections, and the summary of literature for each is arranged in chronological order.
Date: 1892
Creator: Van Hise, Charles Richard
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department