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[Etching and engraving "David Tenier's House"]

Description: Etching and engraving of "David Tenier's House" published on August 15, 1757. The design was attribute to Dutch miniaturist David Eniers the Younger (1610-1690) and was printed by English printmaker Thomas Major (1720-1799). The image shows a large manor house on the right edge of a river bank with a bridge arching over the river. A group of three fisherman are gathered on the shore in the foreground communicating the scale of the rest of the scene to the viewer.
Date: August 15, 1757
Creator: Major, Thomas & Eniers the Younger, David
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

Oden und Lieder mit ihren eigenen Melodien

Description: This collection opens with a brief letter of dedication from Leyding to his friend Johann Jakob Dusch followed by a preface. The table of contents lists the songs in the order in which they appear in this volume. All of the songs are written in two staves - the top with soprano clef; the bottom, with bass clef. The first stanza of each poem is manually underlaid below the top staff. The full text of the poem is printed either below the music or on the following page. The vocal line use either single or double voices.
Date: 1757
Creator: Leyding, Johann Dietrich, 1721-1781.
Partner: UNT Music Library
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Storia Della Musica: Volume 1

Description: Copy of the first of three volumes of "Storia della musica" (Music History) containing eleven chapters and three dissertations. The text describes various topics related to music history including music classification, early music in biblical descriptions, music theories, singing and harmonies, church music, and musical notations.
Date: 1757
Creator: Martini, Giovanni Battista, 1706-1784
Partner: UNT Music Library
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