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Near-Death Experiences: Perception Is Reality

Description: Article proposing three etiologies responsible for the near-death experience, which are referred to as an altered state of consciousness: physiologic, pharmacologic, and psychologic. It recommends research to determine what developmental factors influence the emotionality of the experience and how in-depth understanding can be used to provide better patient care.
Date: Winter 1990
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Coupled Hydrodynamic-Structural Response Analysis of Piping Systems

Description: This report describes in detail the expansion of the ICEPEL code for the coupled hydrodynamic-structural response analysis of pipe-elbow loops to general piping systems. A generalized piping-component model, a branching tce junction, and a surge-tank model are introduced and coupled with the pipe-elbow loop model so that a general piping system under the effect of internally traveling pressure pulses can be analyzed hydrodynamically, as well as structurally.
Date: 1978?
Creator: A-Moneim, M. T.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

ICEPEL Analysis of and Comparison with Simple Elastic-Plastic Piping Experiments

Description: The results of simple elastic-plastic piping experiments for straight pipes and single-elbow loop systems are interpreted and evaluated. The experiments are also analyzed by the ICEPEL piping code, and the analytical results are compared against the experimental data.
Date: December 1978
Creator: A-Moneim, M. T.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department


Description: Ladies lace-up boots of brown leather with low stacked heel. Slightly pointed toe cap with light brouguing. Sewn-in fabric label: "The A.E. Little / Shoe $12.50 / Reg. U.S. Pat. Off." Stamped on sole: "The A. E. Little / Arch Supporting Suspension / Construction"
Date: 1880/1915
Creator: A.E. Little Shoe Company
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design

[Project Summary: Deepwater Program: The Technology and Economics of Deepwater Production Projects]

Description: Report summary describing the work completed at ABS Group, Inc. for 'Deepwater Program: The Technology and Economics of Deepwater Production Projects'. It includes background information on the project funding and sponsorship, goals, methodology, and findings.
Date: May 2004
Creator: ABS Group, Inc.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Savannah River Project Site Report: 30,000 KW Prototype Partically Enriched Uranium Gas Cooled, Graphite Moderated Nuclear Power Plant for United States Atomic Energy Commission Idaho Operations Office

Description: Report describing a modified prototype of a nuclear reactor that uses partially uranium-enriched fuel and is cooled by helium. The construction site, site safety aspects, and design and construction costs are included.
Date: March 1959
Creator: ACF Industries Incorporated. Nuclear Products - ERCO Division.
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Give us lumber for more PT's.

Description: Color image of war ships at sea. In the foreground is a boat with "PT 34" painted on it, shining a light and speeding forward. In the background, a ship is sinking as explosive flames rise from it. Other ships and flames can be seen in the distance on the left.
Date: 1943
Creator: AEL.
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[Mount Righteous, Drug Mountain poster]

Description: Poster advertising a concert by Mount Righteous and Drug Mountain on April 3, 2010, at Good Records, Dallas, Texas. Poster features a grayscale illustration of a woman holding a blender with event details in white text on a black background. The image is framed by a white dotted outline and some details are printed in blue, red, and green ink.
Date: 2010
Creator: AHK
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Partner: UNT Music Library

AIDS Care is Health Care

Description: Booklet written by the Aids Action Council arguing for better insurance and healthcare benefits for individuals living with HIV/AIDS and outlining current legislation in favor of these changes.
Date: January 1994
Creator: AIDS Action Council
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections