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Primary view of Missa Salve Regina
Waschka, Rodney, II, 1958-
May 1985
Primary view of The History of Horn Playing in Los Angeles from 1920 to 1970 : a Lecture Recital, Together With Three Recitals of Selected Works for Horn by M. Haydn, Franz, Britten, Mozart, Koetsier, Hindemith, Herzogenberg, Rossini, Stevens and others
Hilliard, Howard (Howard Louis)
May 1999
Primary view of Mulima
Long, David J.
August 1978
Primary view of In Memoriam H.W. Reese
Reese, Janette E.
May 1985
Primary view of The Icarus Triptych: A Composition in Three Movements for Symphonic Wind and Percussion Ensemble
Cornell, Douglas T.
May 1976
Primary view of An Original Composition, "Peace"
McConnell, James W., 1917-
August 1947
Primary view of Bay Psalmes - 1640 (Symphony no. 3)
Ehle, Robert C.
Primary view of String Quartet
Riley, James.
June 1963
Primary view of Echo and Narcissus : Music for a Dancing-Pantomime
Plevock, John Richard
August 1975
Primary view of Concertante : For Violoncello and Magnetic Tape
Headrick, Samuel Philip, 1952-
May 1978
Primary view of Six Pieces for Orchestra
Greene, Michael, 1939-
August 1986
Primary view of String Quartet
Thomson, William, 1927-
June 1949
Primary view of Concerto Grosso for Oboe, Clarinet, Piano, and String Quartet
Taliaferro, Lloyd Carr
August 1956
Primary view of Problem of the Arrangement for Two Pianos of Iberia by I. Albeniz
Bivens, Virginia L.
August 1947
Primary view of Nyiragongo
Long, David J.
May 1975
Primary view of DocumentUS
Gibb, Stanley Garth
December 1976
Primary view of Sacred Concert
Paxton, Steven
December 1977
Primary view of Fleogan
Baczewski, Philip
December 1979
Primary view of Introspections :a Composition for String Quartet
Takaro, Thomas Michael
May 1979
Primary view of Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra
Tull, Fisher
August 1965
Primary view of It's All in the Cards
Johnson, Mark V.
May 1982
Primary view of Sonata for Two Pianos
Calhoon, William H. (William Henry), 1937-
July 1966
Primary view of Serenade for Viola and Orchestra
Richardson, Sharon Lynne
May 1973
Primary view of In Celebration
Walden, C. G. (Columbus Goodman)
December 1981
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