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Ocher and Ochery Earths

Description: Report about ocher or ochery earth, "a natural mineral pigment composed largely of clay permeated with hydrated iron (ferric oxide)" (p. 2). It includes information about the uses of choer, substitutes, artificial ocher, mining and local deposits, import and export of ocher, and related information.
Date: May 1929
Creator: Santmyers, R. M.
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Review of Soils Design, Construction, and Performance Observations, John H. Kerr project (Buggs Island and Island Creek Dams) Virginia

Description: This report contains general background information about the John H. Kerr project, which comprises a retaining structure, Buggs Island Dam, and a backwater protection structure, Island Creek Dam. It also provides more detailed information about the design, construction, and prototype observation of each of the dams.
Date: August 1957
Creator: Waterways Experiment Station (U.S.)
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Basic problems in oral history, 1969

Description: Sound recording of a meeting during the Fourth Annual National Colloquium of the Oral History Association held at the Airlie House in Virginia and led by Louis Starr.
Date: November 8, 1969
Creator: Oral History Association
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Ancient Lavas in Shenandoah National Park Near Luray, Virginia

Description: Abstract: In the Blue Ridge Province of northern Virginia, Maryland, and southern Pennsylvania, Lower Cambrian beds are underlain by a thick sequence of greenstone and interbedded sedimentary rocks known as the Catoctin Formation. An area near Luray, Va., was studied to determine the thickness of the formation, its relationship to overlying and underlying rocks, and the original nature of the lavas from which the Catoctin greenstone was derived. There the Catoctin Formation lies unconformably on granitic rocks. Its basal sedimentary layer ranges from a few inches to 150 feet in thickness and contains pebbles of underlying basement rocks. The erosion surface beneath the Catoctin is irregular, and in several places, hills as much as 1,000 feet high were buried beneath the Catoctin lavas. No important time break is indicated between the deposition of the Catoctin Formation and the overlying Cambrian sediments. The original Catoctin lavas were basaltic and were probably normal plateau basalts. Columnar joints, amygdules, sedimentary dikes, flow breccias, low-dipping primary joints, and other primary structures are well preserved.
Date: 1969
Creator: Reed, John Calvin, Jr.
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2013 National Ocean Dumping Site Monitoring Assessment Report

Description: This national report presents EPA's ocean dumping monitoring activities in fiscal year 2013. EPA conducted 13 surveys at 20 ocean disposal sites offshore from Puerto Rico, Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, Texas, Hawaii, and Oregon. This report summarizes each survey's objectives(s), activities, conclusions, and recommended environmental management actions.
Date: May 2016
Creator: United States. Environmental Protection Agency. Office of Water.
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Late Mesozoic and Cenozoic Stratigraphic and Structural Framework Near Hopewell, Virginia

Description: From introduction: This study was undertaken as part of the U.S. Geological Survey's (USGS) Reactor Hazards Reduction Program. One of the goals of this program is to contribute to the growing recognition and cataloging of Cenozoic faults in the Atlantic Coastal Plain. Once the faults are recognized and cataloged, the stress field and resulting tectonic framework that produced these faults can be determined. This study defines the stratigraphic and structural relationships of a tectonically anomalous area in the vicinity of Hopewell, Va.
Date: 1987
Creator: Dischinger, James B., Jr.
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Uranium in the Southern United States

Description: From introduction: In this study on raw material sources of uranium the Southern Interstate Nuclear Board has catalogued all known occurrences of uranium and some references to thorium in a 17-state area (P1. 1). These occurrences have been evaluated as potential sources of uranium by the State Geological Surveys and the consultant group of SINB. Favorability guides have been applied to the known occurrences and recommendations have been made for future action by the states involved, federal agencies, or by industry. State recommendations are included in state-by-state summaries. The state reports were written either by personnel of the State Geological Surveys or were abstracted from State geological survey data by members of the consultant group...The purpose of this study was to compile information on and systematically assess uranium and other radioactive occurrences in the region. The SINB undertook the project because of its statutory, interstate capability as an extension of government in each of the 17 states, an arrangement that lends itself effectively to this cooperative undertaking.
Date: November 1970
Creator: Southern Interstate Nuclear Board
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Mollusca From the Miocene and Lower Pliocene of Virginia and North Carolina: Part 2. Scaphopoda and Gastropoda

Description: Introduction: Part 2 of the Systematic Report continues and concludes the study of the Mollusca from the Miocene and lower Pliocene of Virginia and North Carolina. One hundred and nineteen species, only a fraction of the known fauna, are reviewed and 66 additional species are described and figured. (See faunal chart, pp. 180-183.) The report upon the gastropods suffers from the same shortcomings obvious in the work on the pelecypods. Most of the material is from old collections made before the importance of the exact placing of the fossil locality both areally and vertically was recognized. Many of the citations of outcrops are vague and the sections generalized. Detailed field studies, particularly on the zoning of the Yorktown formation in southern Virginia and northern North Carolina, were begun later by Wendell P. Mansfield, but he died in the summer of 1939 before the completion of the work.
Date: 1948
Creator: Gardner, Julia Anna & Mansfield, Wendell C.
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Chairman Principi's and Commissioner Newton's Base Visit to Fort Eustis

Description: Department of Defense Clearinghouse Response: DoD Clearinghouse response to a memo sent by the BRAC Commission requesting information to prepare for Chairman Anthony Principi's and Commissioner Lloy Newton's base visit to Fort Eustis. (Attached document includes BRAC questions and the Clearinghouse response)
Date: July 8, 2005
Creator: United States. Department of Defense.
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Sen Warner Input to Commission, Headquarters and Support Activities (H&SA) Military Value Not Priority NCR and Leased Properties Targeted

Description: Input received at BRAC Commission Hearing for Virginia. Paper concluded, "Giving priority to OSD imperatives and transformational Options, rather than military value is a substantial deviation from section 2913. Treating leased facilities and installations within the NCR is a substantial deviation from section 2903(c)(3)(A) that requires all installations to be treated equally."
Date: July 8, 2005
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Coalition Correspondence – Letter dtd 07/14/2005 to Chairman Principi from Robert Williams, President (ANVM)

Description: Coalition Correspondence – Letter dtd 07/14/2005 to Chairman Principi from Robert Williams, President (ANVM) Association of United States Night Vision Manufacturers expressing their support for the continued operation of the Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate at Ft. Belvoir, VA
Date: July 21, 2005
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