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Ocher and Ochery Earths

Description: Report about ocher or ochery earth, "a natural mineral pigment composed largely of clay permeated with hydrated iron (ferric oxide)" (p. 2). It includes information about the uses of choer, substitutes, artificial ocher, mining and local deposits, import and export of ocher, and related information.
Date: May 1929
Creator: Santmyers, R. M.
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Physical Hydraulic Models: Assessment of Predictive Capabilities; Report 1: Hydrodynamics of the Delaware River Estuary Model

Description: Partial abstract: The purpose of this study is to define the reliability with which results of tests conducted in a physical model of the Delaware River Estuary can be used to predict the effects of modifications to the estuary. The Delaware River model at the Waterways Experiment Station was used to conduct tests to predict the effects of the navigation channel enlargement between Philadelphia and Trenton, and the results of the tests are compared with subsequent prototype data to determine the accuracy of the model predictions.
Date: June 1975
Creator: Letter, Joseph V., Jr. & McAnally, William H., Jr.
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The Lyon Station-Paulins Kill Nappe : the Frontal Structure of the Musconetcong Nappe System in Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Description: From abstract: Geologic and aeromagnetic data show that a major tectonic unit underlies rocks of the Musconetcong nappe in the Great Valley of eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This structure, the Lyon Station-Paulins Kill nappe, can be traced from Lyon Station, Pa., at least to Branchville, N.J., a distance of about 120 km. The nappe has a core of Precambrian crystalline rocks as shown by an aeromagnetic anomaly that has the same signature as the outcropping Precambrian rocks of the Musconetcong nappe. This core extends at least 70 km east from Lyon Station to Bangor, Pa., the eastern limit of the aeromagnetic survey. This report details the frontal structure of this system.
Date: 1978
Creator: Drake, Avery Ala, Jr.
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Radiometric Reconnaissance Examination in Southeastern Pennsylvania and Western New Jersey

Description: Abstract: In May 1950, 350 miles of road was traversed in the vicinity of a torbernite locality in New Jersey. The radioactivity of the area traversed was two to three times above normal, averaging 0.003 percent equivalent uranium. It is estimated that there is 1,000 tons of rock averaging 0.009 percent uranium at the torbernite locality. The presence of this area of above-normal radioactivity suggests that further study is needed in the Piedmont belt and the flanking sediments, which may contain economic deposits of uranium minerals.
Date: December 1951
Creator: Stewart, Robert H.
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Chromite and Other Mineral Deposits in Serpentine Rocks of the Piedmont Upland, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware

Description: From abstract: The Piedmont Upland in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware is about 160 miles long and at the most 50 miles wide. Rocks that underlie the province are the Baltimore gneiss of Precambrian age and quartzite, gneiss, schist, marble, phyllite, and greenstone, which make up the Glenarm series of early Paleozoic(?) age. These are intruded by granitic, gabbroic, and ultramafic igneous rocks. Most of the ultramafic rocks, originally peridotite, pyroxenite, and dunite, have been partly or completely altered to serpentine and talc; they are all designated by the general term serpentine. The bodies of serpentine are commonly elongate and conformable with the enclosing rocks.
Date: 1960
Creator: Pearre, Nancy C. & Heyl, Allen V., Jr.
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Geology and Coal, Oil and Gas Resources of the New Kensington Quadrangle, Pennsylvania

Description: From abstract: This report is one of a series of publications by the United States Geological Survey on the Appalachian coal, oil, and gas fields. The area described occupies 227 square miles in Allegheny, Butler, and Westmoreland Counties, in western Pennsylvania, immediately north of Pittsburgh.
Date: 1932
Creator: Richardson, G. B.
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Occurrence of Pesticide Residues in Four Streams Draining Different Land-Use Areas in Pennsylvania

Description: From introduction: This study was conducted to determine the relative degree of pesticide contamination in four small drainage basins and to determine if pesticide residues were present in amounts that could be hazardous to humans or detrimental to aquatic life.
Date: June 1975
Creator: Truhlar, John F. & Reed, Lloyd A.
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Development of a Digital Model of Ground-Water Flow in Deeply Weathered Crystalline Rock, Chester County, Pennsylvania

Description: The model discussed in this report simulates recharge to, flow through, and discharge from the water-table aquifer representative of most of Chester County, Pennsylvania. It includes maps and graphs.
Date: August 1980
Creator: McGreevy, Laurence J. & Sloto, Ronald A.
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Technical Manual For Estimating Low-Flow Frequency Characteristics of Streams in the Susquehanna River Basin

Description: Abstract: This report presents procedures for estimating low-flow frequency characteristics for streams in the Susquehanna River basin. The techniques can be used at ungaged sites as well as sites where insufficient data are available to make a reliable estimate. Streams have been divided into two types major and minor. Major streams are the Susquehanna, West Branch Susquehanna, Juniata, and Chemung Rivers. Points on these streams with drainage areas of more than 2,000 square miles (5,180 kilometers) are included in this category. Points on these streams with drainage areas of less than 2,000 square miles fall into the minor stream category. Generally minor streams are herein defined as those draining less than 2,000 square miles (5,180 kilometers). Multiple-regression techniques have been used to develop relations for estimating the 1-, 3-, 7-, 30-, and 183-day duration low flows at recurrence intervals of 10, 20, 50 and 100 years for annual series data and the 1-, 3-, 7-, and 30-day duration low flows, at the same recurrence intervals, for six individual months, May through October, inclusive.
Date: June 1976
Creator: Armbruster, Jeffrey T.
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Water-Quality Assessment of Francis E. Walter Reservoir, Luzerne and Carbon Counties, Pennsylvania

Description: Objectives and scope: The principal objectives of this study were to assess the past and current water quality of the impoundment, its major tributaries, and its discharge, and to address the environmental impact of raised pool levels. Data collection was directed toward documenting the temporal and spatial variations in physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of the water, to estimate annual nutrient and suspended sediment loading, and to determine the algal biomass, dominant genera, algal growth potential, and limiting nutrient.
Date: June 1983
Creator: Barker, James L.
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Sedimentation in the East Branch Mahoning Creek Basin, Clearfield and Jefferson Counties, Pennsylvania, June 1979 to June 1980

Description: From introduction: This report contains the findings of the first full year of data collected as part of a 3-year study to measure sediment discharges in the East Branch Mahoning Creek during installation of erosion and sedimentation controls by the surface miners.
Date: February 1982
Creator: Wetzel, Kim L.
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A Stormwater Management Model for the West Branch Brandwyne Creek, Chester County, Pennsylvania

Description: From introduction: This report describes rainfall-runoff modeling for three subbasins of the West Branch Brandywine Creek basin. Effects of increased runoff from continued urbanization of the basin and of proposed flood-control structures for both the present and projected population are evaluated for the West Branch Brandwyne Creek at Coatesville and Modena and for Sucker Run at State Route 82.
Date: February 1982
Creator: Sloto, Ronald A.
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Sediment Discharge from an Area of Highway Construction, Applemans Run Basin, Columbia County, Pennsylvannia

Description: Report and Geographical Survey. Includes and introduction, data collection, basin description, highway construction, suspended-sediment discharge, information on the flood of June 1972, and a summary with conclusions. Also includes several graphs and tables.
Date: October 1976
Creator: Eckhardt, David A. V.
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Sediment Discharge from Highway Construction Near Port Carbon, Pennsylvannia

Description: This report examines the effects of a highway construction project on suspended-sediment loads, concluding that the construction caused sixteen-thousand tons of sediment to be discharged and produced fifty percent of the total sediment discharge. It contains tables and graphs.
Date: April 1978
Creator: Helm, Robert E.
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Evaluation of the Streamflow-Data Program in Pennsylvania

Description: Abstract: The stream-gaging program in Pennsylvania is subject to budgetary constraints in the next several years. Elimination of those gaging stations that have no current-purpose use and little utility in providing regional flow-characteristic information is the most effective way to reduce costs. The efficient design of a network of gaging stations for obtaining regional information requires knowledge of the information in the data base and an assessment of the potential for improving the accuracy of data-transfer mechanisms. The analytical technique known as Network Analysis for Regional Information is used to assess acquired streamflow information and to evaluate its transferability within previously determined regions of homogenous streamflow characteristics. Regression equations that relate low-, mean-, and flood-flow characteristics to basin parameters are the data-transfer mechanisms used in the evaluation. This analysis showed that only minor improvements in the regression equations can be expected after 20 additional years of data collection at gages in the 1980 program. Transfer mechanisms with less model error are needed for improved data transferability. A more efficient program can be achieved by discontinuing selected gages in the planning-and-design network. To this end, 11 continuous-record and 25 partial-record gages were selected to be discontinued by April 1, 1980. Additionally, 6 continuous-record and 29 partial-record gages are suggested to be discontinued at the end of the 1985 water year.
Date: December 1982
Creator: Flippo, Herbert N., Jr.
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Stream Reconnaissance for Nutrients and Other Water-Quality Parameters, Greater Pittsburgh Region, Pennsylvania

Description: Abstract: Eighty-five stream sites in and near the six-county Greater Pittsburgh Region were sampled in mid-June 1971 and again in mid-October 1972. Concentrations of inorganic nitrogen, organic carbon, or phosphorus were high enough to indicate potential problems at about a quarter of the sampling sites. Temperature, dissolved oxygen, and pH values indicated a generally favorable capacity for recovery from degradation, although a number of streams east of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers are marginal or lacking. Regionally, sulfate is the dominant ion and was observed in concentrations of 40 milligrams per liter or more at 90 percent of the sites. Bicarbonate exceeded 100 milligrams per liter at 22 sites. A moderate to high degree of mineralization is indicated by conductance readings of more than 500 micromhos per centimeter at half of the sampling sites.
Date: February 1975
Creator: Beall, Robert M.
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