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Model Study of Channel Improvement and Stabilization in the Pryors Island Reach of the Ohio River

Description: This technical memorandum constitutes a complete report on a model study of the Pryors Island reach of the Ohio River, made for the purpose of determining the most effective plan of regulating works for the further improvement and stabilization of the navigable channel.
Date: September 1, 1938
Creator: Waterways Experiment Station (U.S.)
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Model Study of Plans for Channel Improvement at Dogtooth Bend, Mississippi River, Folder 1

Description: This memorandum, constitutes a report on the results of experiments conducted at the U. S. Waterways Experiment Station on a small scale model of that reach of the Mississippi River near and including Dogtooth Bend (Mile 32.7 above to Mile 4.0 below Cairo).
Date: April 2, 1938
Creator: Waterways Experiment Station (U.S.)
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Illinois Library Resources and Automation in the Networked Environment: An Analysis and Recommended Strategies Final Report

Description: This study identifies strategies for enhancing access to Illinois libraries' holdings, where the strategies ensure the best stewardship possible for state and federal grant dollars for library automation and resources.
Date: October 2002
Creator: Moen, William E.; Enoch, Larry & Greenway-Hayes, Debra
Partner: UNT College of Information

Concrete and Rock Core Tests, Major Rehabilitation of Starved Rock Lock and Dam, Illinois Waterway, Chicago District, Phase II Compliance, Scour Detection: Final Report

Description: Abstract: Drilling for laboratory testing of concrete and foundation rock was carried out for the U. S. Army Engineer District, Chicago, as part of a major rehabilitation program at the Starved Rock Lock and Dam. The structures are on the Illinois Waterway. This report covers the work accomplished during the Phase II program entitled "Compliance and Scour Detection."
Date: April 1980
Creator: Stowe, Richard L. & Pavlov, Barbara A.
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Pay Secrecy

Description: This issue brief discusses pay secrecy policies that nearly half of workers nationally reported that they were either contractually forbidden or strongly discouraged from discussing their pay with their colleagues. Includes a listing of state laws that protect employees in discussing pay and compensation.
Date: June 2016
Creator: United States. Department of Labor.
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The Forty-fifth Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment: the Washburne Lead Mine Regiment in the Civil War

Description: Of the roughly 3,500 volunteer regiments and batteries organized by the Union army during the American Civil War, only a small fraction has been studied in any scholarly depth. Among those not yet examined by historians was one that typified the western armies commanded by the two greatest Federal generals, Ulysses S. Grant and William T. Sherman. The Forty-fifth Illinois Volunteer Infantry was at Fort Donelson and Shiloh with Grant in 1862, with Grant and Sherman during the long Vicksburg campaign of 1862 and 1863, and with Sherman in the Meridian, Atlanta, Savannah, and Carolinas campaigns in the second half of the war. These Illinois men fought in several of the most important engagements in the western theater of the war and, in the spring of 1865, were present when the last important Confederate army in the east surrendered. The Forty-fifth was also well connected in western politics. Its unofficial name was the “Washburne Lead Mine Regiment,” in honor of U.S Representative Elihu B. Washburne, who used his contacts and influences to arm the regiment with the best weapons and equipment available early in the war. (The Lead Mine designation referred to the mining industry in northern Illinois.) In addition, several officers and enlisted men were personal friends and acquaintances of Ulysses Grant of Galena, Illinois, who honored the regiment for their bravery in the final attempt to break through the Confederate defenses at Vicksburg. The study of the Forty-fifth Illinois is important to the overall study of the Civil War because of the campaigns and battles the unit participated and fought in. The regiment was also one of the many Union regiments at the forefront of the Union leadership’s changing policy toward the Confederate populace and war making industry. In this role the regiment witnessed the impact of President ...
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Date: December 2015
Creator: Mack, Thomas B.
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Hydrologic Effects of Storing Liquified Sewage Sludge on Strip-Mined Land, Fulton County, Illinois

Description: From introduction: In 1971, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) began a cooperative study to measure stream discharge, suspended-sediment load, and chemical quality of surface waters draining the project area. In 1976, the study was expanded to include measurement of ground-water levels and quality. The general hydrologic system in the vicinity has been described by Patterson, Fuentes, and Toler (1982).
Date: December 1982
Creator: Patterson, G. L.
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Measurement of Bedload Discharge in Nine Illinois Streams with the Helley-Smith Sampler

Description: From purpose and study: The purpose of the present study was to analyze the bedload discharge measurements, to develop bedload-discharge rating curves for those sites with sufficient record, to determine the usefulness of each sampling site for measurement of bedload discharge, and to evaluate the suitability of the Helley-Smith sampler to Illinois streams.
Date: 1983
Creator: Graf, Julia B.
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Hydrologic Characteristics of Surface-Mined Land Reclaimed by Sludge Irrigation, Fulton County, Illinois

Description: From introduction: This report contains a general description of the hydrology of the project site, summaries of the data collected during 1971 to 1978, and discusses some of the factors affecting the hydrology of the site. This information and the water-level contour map (Fuentes and Patterson, 1979) will be helpful in designing an effective ground-water monitoring program and will provide baseline hydrologic information from which future changes can be detected.
Date: August 1982
Creator: Patterson, G. L.; Fuentes, R. F. & Toler, L. G.
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Plan of Study for the Northern Midwest Regional Aquifer-System Analysis

Description: From abstract: Sedimentary rocks of Cambrian and Ordovician age form a major aquifer system in most of Wisconsin and Iowa, northern Illinois, northwestern Indiana, southeastern Minnesota, and northern Missouri. Many metropolitan areas depend on the aquifer for all or part of their water supplies. Declines in potentiometric head have been large in the most heavily pumped areas, most notably Chicago, Milwaukee-Waukesha, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Des Moines.
Date: April 1979
Creator: Steinhilber, W. L. & Young, H. L.
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Coalition Correspondence – Letter dated 07/06/2005 all Commissioners from David Cannella of (SDDCTEA)

Description: Coalition Correspondence – Letter dated 07/06/2005 all Commissioners from David Cannella of (SDDCTEA) Surface Deployment and Distribution Command Transportation Engineering Agency in Northern Virginia concerning the consolidation SDDC and its components with USTRANSCOM and AMC at Scott AFB, IL
Date: July 21, 2005
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Executive Correspondence – Letter dtd 07/14/05 to Commissioner Bilbray from Representative Lane Evans (17th, IL)

Description: Executive Correspondence – Letter dtd 07/14/05 to Commissioner Bilbray from Representative Lane Evans (17th, IL) providing supplemental information regarding the 1st US Army’s move to Rock Island Arsenal and reiterating his invitation to the Commissioner and his staff to visit the Arsenal.
Date: July 15, 2005
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[Clipping: " 'Homosexuality is a death-style,' gay rights foe tells psychologists", GayLife]

Description: Clipping of an article by Kārlis Streips from the LGBT weekly publication GayLife. The article recounts controversial comments on homosexuality made by the psychologist Paul Cameron at the 1983 Midwestern Psychological Association convention in Chicago. According to the article, Cameron claimed, among other things, "that homosexuals are 20 times more likely to commit mass murder than are heterosexuals".
Date: May 12, 1983
Creator: Streips, Kārlis
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections