Interacting with Items: Watching Video

You can watch video within our interface.

Start by selecting an item from your results list by clicking either its title or the thumbnail image. When the descriptive item record opens, move to the watching pane by clicking on the image or choosing "Watch Now" from the left sidebar.

watching pane

Within the watching pane, you can:

1. Start or stop the player.

2. Go back 10 seconds.

3. Control the volume.

4. View time elapsed/time remaining.

5. Share or embed the video.

6. Get a link to the current time in this video.

7. Adjust the playback speed.

8. Move to full screen.

Outside the watching pane, we offer additional features to help you work with the item:

9. Use "Show All Clips" to select an individual clip. (Some titles have only one clip.)

10. Use "Request Captioning" to request on-screen captions and a transcript of the content.

11. Use "Print & Share" to print the current screen or send it to your favorite social media platform.

12. Use "Citations, Rights, Re-Use" to find a citation for the entire item along with information about permissions, linking, etc.

About Captioning

If a video has already been captioned, there will be a closed caption icon to the left of the settings icon on the player. If the captions are not visible on screen during playback, click the icon and then select your desired language.

closed caption controls

Also, when a video has been captioned, a transcript will appear directly below the player in the listening pane.

You can use the search box at the top of the transcript to locate and highlight specific text within the transcript.

Clicking an active time stamp in the transcript allows you to jump to and play the corresponding section of video in the player.

transcript of video recording

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