Interacting with Items: Viewing Images

You can view photographs, maps, representations of physical objects, and other images within our interface.

Start by selecting an item from your results list by clicking either its title or image. When the descriptive item record opens, move to the viewing pane by clicking on the image or selecting "View Now" from the left sidebar.

viewing pane

Within the viewing pane, you can:

1. Move to the next or previous side/view of the image by clicking on the right or left side of the pane.

2. Use our tools to:

   * Rotate the image.  
   * Adjust on-screen brightness and contrast.  
   * Crop and download a section of the image.  
   * Compare or download jpegs of the image in a variety of resolutions.  
   * Get IIIF Image JSON and URL files.

3. Zoom to enlarge or shrink detail.

Outside the viewing pane, we offer additional features to help you work with the item:

4. For items with multiple sides/views, use "Jump to..." to move quickly to a particular side/view of the image.

5. For items with multiple sides/views, use "Show All Sides/Items" to compare and easily locate different views of the image.

6. Use "Print & Share" to print the current view or send it to your favorite social media platform.

7. Use "Citations, Rights, Re-Use" to find a citation for the entire item along with information about permissions, linking, etc.

8. Scroll down the screen to find a citation for the current view.

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