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The Joseph Britton Freshwater Mussel Collection User Guide: Accessing Objects in the Collection

Browse the Collection

To access the objects in the Joseph Britton Freshwater Mussel Collection, follow the Browse this Collection link. From here you can browse and search for objects in this collection.

Browse the Collection

Search the Collection

To search for objects in the collection, insert terms in the search field at the top of the results screen (pictured above) or use the advanced search feature as seen below. See the Specimen Record Page of this guide for a description of the specimen record fields and possible data values for each field. This page outlines what information is contained in the records and can be found through searching the collection.

Advanced Search

Specimens in the Result List

Objects that meet the search criteria are listed in the results list. Objects in the result list are represented by a thumbnail image, the specimen title - Scientific Name and Catalog Number - and four fields to aid in selection: Date, Creator (Collector), Description, and Contributing Partner. The Description field contains information about the specimen's physical characteristics and the Drainage where it was collected.

An example of an object in the search results