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Selecting and Viewing Items: Learning About Items

Learning About Items

Each item in the UNT Digital Library has a descriptive item record that will help you evaluate your search results and learn more about the item before you view it. Although little is known about some photographs, physical objects, or other items in the UNT Digital Library, we try to provide the most complete description possible for every item. Both brief and full records are available.

A Brief Record typically includes this information, if known:

  • Description – a concise description of a physical object or the content of a text or image.
  • Creator(s) – the author(s), photographer(s), artisan(s), etc. who created the original physical item.
  • Location – the place a text or image is about; the place an artifact represents .
  • Creation Date – the date the original item was created or published. The date is given in the form year-month-day.
  • Partner(s) – the individual(s) or institution(s) that hold(s) the original item.
  • Collection(s) – the thematic grouping(s) to which the item belongs.

A Full Record typically contains the information above plus, if known:

  • Creator Role
  • Publisher Information
  • Coverage Place and Dates
  • Notes
  • Physical Description
  • Language
  • Subject(s)
  • Keyword(s)
  • Relation to Other Materials in the Portal
  • Contributor(s)
  • Additional Version(s) of the Title
  • Identifier(s)
  • Source of the Item’s Content
  • Resource Type
  • Format

Viewing an Item Record

  1. Select an item from your search results list by clicking either its title or thumbnail image.
  2. The brief record is displayed with a medium-sized image.
  3. To see the full record, simply click on the “Full Record” tab above the image.
  4. To return to the brief record, click on its tab.