Working with Results: Making Clippings

When you are using our reading or viewing interfaces, you can employ our cropping tool to define and save a section of a page or image for future reference.

Start by opening the desired page or side in the reading or viewing pane and then clicking "tools/download" in the toolbar at the top of the pane. Select "Cropping Tool" from the dropdown list.

tools/download dropdown list

When the next screen opens, use the + and - tools in the upper left corner to enlarge or reduce the size of the page or side.

resizing tools

Grab and drag the page or side to position it on the screen. Then click the crop icon and follow the onscreen prompts to draw a box around the portion of the page you want to clip.

boundary box

If you need to adjust the position or size of the box, use the edit tool that has now appeared in the upper left corner of the screen and click "Save" when you are done.

edited boundary box

Finally, click the download button to save the clipping to your own computer.

download button

A preview window will open. Click "Download Cropped Image" to complete the process.

preview and download screen

Please note, the clipping will be an image file, not a text file.

If you are working with a very large page with small print such as a map or newspaper, you may prefer to use our Zoom interface to enlarge and define a section to save. Please see our Magnifying (Zooming) guide for more information.

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