Notice: We just updated this site and our help content is now a bit out of date. New help material will be coming ASAP.

Using Results: Bookmarking


Web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera provide a way to save a favorite web page. You can use your browser’s options to:

  • Bookmark a favorite photo, book, map, newspaper or other resource. Each item on our site has a permalink that ensures your bookmark will be able to return to it.

  • Bookmark a search results list. You may find it useful to sort the list in your preferred order before bookmarking. For example, you may want to “Sort by: Date Added (Oldest)” so that when you call up your bookmark later, any new items added to our site since your original search will fall at the end of the list.

If you are viewing a page that displays the “Share” icon, you can also create a bookmark by clicking “Share” and then clicking “Favorites.” A new bookmark dialog box will open to allow you to name and organize your bookmark.