Help FAQ - Selecting and Interacting With Items

How do I locate pages that contain my search keywords?

Search for your desired keyword or phrase. Select any text from the search results list. When the item record opens, click on Matching Results in the left sidebar. A list of pages containing your keyword or phrase will be returned.

Tip: If the text you selected is in PDF format, only one page hit will be indicated regardless of the number of pages that contain your keyword(s). Download the PDF and then use the Find feature of your preferred PDF reader to locate specific pages containing your keywords.

How do I view the pages of a book?

There are several ways to view the pages of a book. First "open" the book by selecting Start Reading from the left sidebar of the item record.

  • Click on the right-hand side of the book page in the reading pane to view the next page and click on the left-hand side of the page to view the previous page;
  • Or select a specific page by choosing a page or sequence from the "Jump to" drop-down menu in the left sidebar.
  • Or select Show All Pages in the left sidebar to view thumbnail images of all the book's pages.

How do I view the pages of an electronic thesis or dissertation (ETD)?

You can view an ETD in the reading pane just as you would a book. You can also view PDF versions of theses and dissertations. To view the pages, choose All Formats from the left sidebar, and then Download the dissertation. When the file opens, use the features of your preferred PDF reader to move through the pages.

How do I rotate pages or images?

At the top of the reading/viewing pane, click "tools/download," and then choose "Rotate Left" or "Rotate Right." Each time you click the rotation prompt, the page or image will turn an additional 90 degrees.

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