Help FAQ - Institutional Repository

Does UNT have an institutional repository?

Yes. The UNT Scholarly Works institutional repository is hosted in the UNT Digital Library. This special collection brings together the scholarly and creative work of the UNT community. For more information, please visit our library webpage or the UNT Scholarly Works collection.

How is the institutional repository related to Open Access?

The University of North Texas (UNT) was the first public institution in the state of Texas to implement a policy in support of Open Access. The policy designates UNT Scholarly Works as the archive of record for the products of research and scholarly endeavor at the university. The UNT Scholarly Works collection will house items covered by the open access policy as well as other items created by the UNT community which are not governed by the document. Items in the UNT Scholarly Works collection may be "Open Access" (available for public use), or restricted to use by the UNT community; some access settings will be determined by the publisher. For more information on UNT open access policies, see the web page for Open Access @ UNT.

Who can submit items to the UNT Scholarly Works collection?

UNT faculty and staff are invited to submit their work. UNT students are welcome to submit items that represent professional work including conference materials, published items, or work associated with theses or dissertations.

Can authors submit work that was completed while they were at another institution?

Yes. We are happy to include work created by current UNT authors, even if it was completed before they came to UNT. This assists authors by providing one centralized digital repository where all of the research and scholarship over their career can be archive and preserved.

How is using the UNT Scholarly Works repository different from posting research on my personal website?

UNT Scholarly Works provides a central, digital archive for all of the research and scholarship of our UNT community. The repository provides the additional benefits of full-text searching, a permanent and stable URL, viewable usage statistics, visibility on all major search engines, wider dissemination and increased citations. Putting items in the Scholarly Works repository collection also gives you flexibility to make copyrighted or embargoed items searchable and discoverable by the UNT community or other researchers while maintaining access restrictions.

What kind of items do you not accept?

Right now, we are not accepting general student work from class assignments and course-related projects.

How do I submit an item for inclusion in the UNT Scholarly Works collection?

Follow the instructions on our submissions web page. If you need more information, please contact the repository librarian.

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