Help FAQ - Exploring

Notice: We just updated this site and our help content is now a bit out of date. New help material will be coming ASAP.

How is Exploring different from Searching?

Whereas Searching leads you to specific items, Exploring lets you browse all items in an area of the Digital Library to get a broad overview of the contents similar to browsing shelves in a library. You can explore by title, geographic location, date range, or resource type. You can also explore items from a specific contributing partner or items in a particular collection.

Can I search within an Explore grouping?

Yes. Choose Explore and then select the geographic location, date range, item type, partner, or collection that interests you. When it opens, you will see a "search within" box above the list of items. You can also use the categories shown on the left-hand side of the screen to further refine your results. For more information, please see the Search Overview guide.