Help FAQ - About the KXAS-NBC5 News Collection

Why is the sound missing from some of the news clips?

Many of our earlier news clips do not contain sound. When the clips were originally shown on television, a live narrator reading from a script provided the details about what was happening in the clip. In most cases, we have the script available online as well. You can find the script linked under "Relationships" in the "What" section of the descriptive item record associated with the news clip.

Do I need permission to use a news clip?

Digitized news segments, as well as text-searchable broadcast scripts and story logbooks can be viewed for free in The Portal to Texas History and the UNT Digital Library. However, if you plan to use clips from the NBC 5/KXAS collection for purposes other than personal research—including projects that will be shown to the general public or used for commercial gain—you must obtain permission to license the material. Get full details here.

Is the entire KXAS-NBC5 archive available online?

No. Most of the collection remains in analog form. You can use the film and video, news scripts and business files, and photographs finding aids to locate materials of interest. Learn more about research procedures in the collection.

Can I view materials that have not yet been digitally reformatted?

Yes, but due to the fragile condition of the original film and video, only digital copies are made available to researchers. You will be responsible for all costs incurred in digitization following Special Collections' reproduction standards, including shipping and postage. You can learn more and find our reproduction and digitization request form here.

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