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General Questions

  1. What is the UNT Digital Library?
  2. What is in the UNT Digital Library?
  3. How do I register to access items on this site?
  4. Why did I get an error message?
  5. How do I report a technical problem?
  6. Whom can I contact if I notice a mistake or have additional information about an item?
  7. How do I contribute materials to the UNT Digital Library?
  8. Can you tell me the value of an item in my collection?


  1. How can I get captions for video or audio clips?

Institutional Repository

  1. Does UNT have an institutional repository?
  2. How is the institutional repository related to Open Access?
  3. Who can submit items to the UNT Scholarly Works collection?
  4. Can authors submit work that was completed while they were at another institution?
  5. How is using the UNT Scholarly Works repository different from posting research on my personal website?
  6. What kind of items do you not accept?
  7. How do I submit an item for inclusion in the UNT Scholarly Works collection?


  1. What citation format do you use?


  1. When I enter a keyword in Basic Search, what is being searched?
  2. OCR: what is it and how does it affect my search?
  3. How can I view extracted text (OCR)?
  4. How do I use Guided Search?
  5. How do I clear a search dialog box?
  6. I searched for a specific magazine or newspaper; why did I get so many unrelated items?
  7. How do I search for variations of a word?
  8. Why didn't my search results include plurals?
  9. Can I search within a search results list?
  10. Can I save a list of search results?


  1. How is Exploring different from Searching?
  2. Can I search within an Explore grouping?
  3. What is a Curated Title?

Selecting and Interacting With Items

  1. How do I locate pages that contain my search keywords?
  2. How do I view the pages of a book?
  3. How do I view the pages of an electronic thesis or dissertation (ETD)?
  4. How do I rotate pages or images?

Rights / Permissions / Copies

  1. What are the rules for using items in the UNT Digital Library?
  2. How can I get a printed copy of an entire document, book, or map?
  3. How do I find out which partner contributed an item?

Usage Statistics

  1. Do you collect data for reporting on collection use?
  2. Where can I find the "statistics" pages?
  3. How do you define "use"?
  4. How is a use different from a hit or visit?
  5. Can you tell what country users are coming from?

Saving / Printing / E-mailing

  1. Do you have persistent links to items?
  2. How do I bookmark an item?
  3. How do I save an item record or image?
  4. Can I download audio and video files?
  5. How do I download an entire book or document?
  6. How can I copy and paste text?
  7. How do I print an item record or image?
  8. How do I print multiple text pages at once?
  9. Can I "zoom in" on a portion of an item and then print or save just that portion?
  10. What is permalinking?
  11. How do I e-mail an item record or image?
  12. Can I e-mail a list of search results?
  13. Do you offer RSS?

Programmatic Access

  1. Do you have any APIs for your system?
  2. Do your APIs require a login or access key?
  3. Are the records available via OAI-PMH?

About the CyberCemetery

  1. How can I get a site archived in the CyberCemetery?
  2. Does the CyberCemetery archiving entail a fee?
  3. How long will our website be preserved?
  4. What's the process like to get a site archived?
  5. Do we have to do anything else once we send our information to the UNT Libraries (or GPO)?
  6. Will our domain automatically re-direct to the archived UNT version on the CyberCemetery?
  7. Will UNT fix broken links that appear on the pages?
  8. What about our "contact us" pages/forms that get archived?
  9. What will the archived URL be?
  10. Where can I browse CyberCemetery content?

About Electronic Theses and Dissertations

  1. How long will it be until I see my thesis or dissertation online?
  2. How will people be able to access my thesis or dissertation?
  3. What if I don't want to provide open access to my thesis or dissertation on the Internet?
  4. Is it possible to move my thesis from restricted access to public access?
  5. How do I log in from off campus to see a restricted electronic thesis or dissertation?
  6. If I'm not affiliated with UNT, how can I get a copy of a restricted electronic thesis or dissertation?
  7. What is ProQuest?
  8. Which version of a thesis or dissertation is more authoritative--UNT Digital Library or ProQuest?
  9. Where can I find a UNT thesis or dissertation published prior to 1999?
  10. Where can I find problems in lieu of thesis?
  11. I read a thesis on your site about the author's documentary film. How can I see the video?
  12. Who holds the copyright on theses and dissertations?
  13. How does the concept of fair use apply to using material from theses and dissertations?
  14. Can you put me in touch with the author of a thesis or dissertation?

About the KXAS-NBC5 News Collection

  1. Why is the sound missing from some of the news clips?
  2. Do I need permission to use a news clip?
  3. Is the entire KXAS-NBC5 archive available online?
  4. Can I view materials that have not yet been digitally reformatted?
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